Sealed Shock and Impact Sensors Datasheets

General Purpose Piezoelectric Accelerometer -- 3021
from Columbia Research Labs, Inc.

The Models 3021, 3022 and 3023 Piezoelectric Accelerometers are offered in a choice of sensitivities for general vibration and shock work. The internal construction of the piezoelectric seismic system ensures that the units have no discernible spurious response to mounting torque, body strains,... [See More]

  • Features: Environmentally / Hermetically Sealed
  • Frequency Range: 50 to 350
  • Maximum Acceleration / Shock: -35 to 35
  • Accuracy: 0.10
PDS1000 Series Precision Shock Sensor
from Comus International

Adjustable Shock Module. Type: NPN or PNP Digital Output. Voltage Range: 6 to 30 VDC. Supply Current: 15 mA. Shock Level Resolution: ±15 mg [See More]

  • Features: Environmentally / Hermetically Sealed
  • Device Type: Switch
  • Maximum Acceleration / Shock: 0.0050 to 6
  • Sensor Mounting: Stud/Bolt
Shock Accelerometer -- 3086A1
from Dytran Instruments, Inc.

70,000g range, 0.05 mV/g, top mounted solder terminals, 1/4-28 mounting stud [See More]

  • Features: IEPE; Environmentally / Hermetically Sealed
  • Frequency Range: 0.5000
  • Maximum Acceleration / Shock: -70000 to 70000
  • Accuracy: 1.00
3-Axis G-RMS And Peak Shock Logger -- VibTimer-Plus™ 3Dv2
from Instrumented Sensor Technology

VibTimer-Plus ™ 3Dv2 is a new, low cost 3-axis g-rms and peak shock logger for transportation and other industrial monitoring application. The device attaches to your shipment or machine and records g-rms vibration level information over long time periods along with exact date/time of all... [See More]

  • Features: Battery Powered; Event triggered; Environmentally / Hermetically Sealed
  • Accuracy: 5.00
  • Frequency Range: 40
  • Measurement Axes: Triaxial
Plug & Play Accelerometer -- Vibration Sensor - Model 3801A Accelerometer
from Measurement Specialties, Inc.

Description: The Model 3801A is a mV output piezoresistive accelerometer in a rugged hermetic package. The accelerometer incorporates mechanical stops for over-range protection up to 10,000g. The Model 3801A is offered in ranges from ±2 to ±2000g and is gas damped to provide a wide... [See More]

  • Features: Environmentally / Hermetically Sealed
  • Measurement Axes: Single
  • Maximum Acceleration / Shock: -2000 to 2000
  • Device Type: Sensor / Transducer
Isotron® Accelerometer -- Model 2255B-01
from Meggitt Sensing Systems - Measurement Group

The Endevco ® Model 2255B is a miniature, lightweight piezoelectric accelerometer with integral electronics, designed specifically for far-field high-g shock measurement on structures and test articles. The unit features an electronic second order low-pass filter between the sensor and the... [See More]

  • Features: Filters; IEPE; Environmentally / Hermetically Sealed
  • Frequency Range: 5 to 15000
  • Maximum Acceleration / Shock: -50000 to 50000
  • Measurement Axes: Single
Electronic Impact Transmitter -- IP1
from AMOT

Measures mechanical looseness, loop powered, stainless steel housing [See More]

  • Features: Explosion Proof (optional feature); Intrinsically Safe; Environmentally / Hermetically Sealed
  • Sensor Mounting: Stud/Bolt
  • Device Type: Sensor / Transducer; Transmitter
  • Sensor Technology: Piezoelectric
High amplitude, shock, triaxial ICP® accelerometer -- 350B50
from PCB Piezotronics, Inc.

High amplitude, shock, triaxial ICP ® accel., 0.5 mV/g, 10k g range, w/built-in 2nd order low-pass filter (-3dB at 20 kHz) [See More]

  • Features: Environmentally / Hermetically Sealed
  • Accuracy: 2.00
  • Maximum Acceleration / Shock: 10000
  • Device Type: Sensor / Transducer