Thin Section Bearing Plastic Bearings Datasheets

4-Point Contact Thin Section , X-Type
from RBC Bearings

This X-Type series sealed thin section ball bearing is made from 52100 steel, has two seals made of molded rubber, and utilizes a snap-over cage design made of brass or composite material. This bearing is designed for applications with axial, moment, and reverse axial loads, and is manufactured to... [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Thin Section Bearing
  • Quality: ABEC-1; ABEC-3 (optional feature); ABEC-5 (optional feature); ABEC-7 (optional feature)
  • Outside Diameter / Length: 11.75
  • Oil: 880
CJ Composite Bearings for Extended Heavy-Duty Operation Thin Wall Series -- CJ08E10-2
from TriStar Plastics Corp.

CJ Composite bearings excel where long wear and low maintenance matter most - in agriculture, automotive, construction, marine, railroad and material handling equipment. With a high load capacity similar to bronze, powdered metal and steel, CJ bearings can extend the operating life of your... [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Thin Section Bearing
  • Outside Diameter / Length: 0.6250