Alloy:Other Solder Datasheets

Cored Solder Wire -- Alpha® Telecore XL-825
from Alpha Assembly Solutions

ALPHA ® Telecore XL-825 is a newly developed cored wire that is specifically designed to meet JIS Class AA requirements, with a halide content <1,000ppm, for no-clean lead-free applications. It offers the balance of high SIR reliability and excellent spread characteristics. It is among the... [See More]

  • Solder Alloy: Tin-Lead Alloy Solder (SN-Pb); SAC305, SACX Plus® 0307
  • Approvals / Conformance: ISO / EN; JIS; J-STD-006B
Solder -- 473-1100-ND [4901-112G from MG Chemicals]
from Digi-Key Electronics

SOLDER LF SN99 21GAUGE .25LBS [See More]

  • Solder Alloy: Sn99.3Cu0.7 (99.3/0.7)
  • Melting Range: 440
  • Product Form: Solid wire or rod
  • Approvals / Conformance: RoHS Compliant
LOCTITE C 400 (Known as Multicore C400 Flux Cored Wire) -- 8799566528513
from Henkel Corporation - Electronics

Known as Multicore C400 Flux Cored Wire ). LOCTITE C 400 cored solder wire has been specially formulated to complement no clean wave and reflow soldering processes. Multicore C400 wires provide fast soldering on copper, brass and solder coated materials. It is availalble in several alloys:... [See More]

  • Solder Alloy: Tin-Lead Alloy Solder (SN-Pb); SnCu; Lead Free
  • Approvals / Conformance: IPC/J-STD-004 Classification - ROLO
  • Product Form: Solid wire or rod
Bar Solder -- Tin-Silver-Copper (SAC305) Alloy Wave Solder Bar - Sn96.5Ag3.5Cu.5
from Indium Corporation

Indium Corporation bar solder is a high purity material manufactured to provide consistent and reliable performance manufactured per J-STD. Bars are triangular in shape (1.4 lbs./bar) packed 18 bars/box 25 lbs./box Minimum order quantity is: 25 lbs. [See More]

  • Solder Alloy: Tin-Silver Alloy Solder (Sn-Ag); Copper
  • Product Form: Bar
Soldering Alloy -- 80 Au/20 Sn
from Lucas Milhaupt Global Brazing Solutions

Soft solders are filler metals that melt and flow below 800° F. They are typically available in solid wire or cored with a rosin or acid flux. Soldering alloys are available in tin, lead, silver, copper, antimony and other compositions and can be fabricated into wire, strip, paste, powder or... [See More]

  • Solder Alloy: Gold-Tin (Au-Sn)
  • Melting Range: 536
  • Product Form: Braze or solder in the form of a paste.; Powder; Filler braze or solder alloy in a reconfigured sheet form that fits the contour of the joint surfaces.; Solid wire or rod
  • Conductivity: 4.81E10
from Mars Metal Company

Mars Metal Company, Specialty Casting Division supplies a wide range of wire (solid and flux cored). Our inventory includes pure lead wire, pure tin wire, lead-free wire and silver bearing wire. Our specialized wire solder is available in over 50 types and sizes in ¼ lb, ½ lb, 1lb, 5... [See More]

  • Solder Alloy: Tin-Lead Alloy Solder (SN-Pb); Tin-Antimony (Sn-Sb); Tin-Copper
  • Product Form: Solid wire or rod
#60 Aluminum Solder (Tin/Zinc) -- 7601DS1C
from Belmont Metals, Inc.

Solders. Featuring Body solders, Lead-base, Lead-free solders, Low melting solders, Miter-Al-braze (MAB), Tin-Antimony solders, Tin-base, Tin-Cadmium solders, Tin-Lead solders, Tin-Zinc solders. Soldering is a process in which two or more metal items are joined together by melting and flowing a... [See More]

  • Solder Alloy: Tin-Zinc Solder
  • Product Form: Solid wire or rod
252487 [NC-AA from Farnell Europe]
from Farnell Europe


  • Solder Alloy: Flux-coated Copper
  • Product Form: Braid
MetaPaste NC-400 Lead Free
from Metallic Resources, Inc.

Lead Free Solder Paste. Standard alloys include SC995e (Sn99.5/Cu0.5/cobalt enhanced) and SAC305 (Sn96.5/Ag3.0/Cu0.5). Flux carriers include No Clean and Water Soluble. Superior tack time and stencil life create solder pastes that consistently outperform others. All pastes are available in 500 gram... [See More]

  • Solder Alloy: Sn-Cu-Co; Lead Free
  • Melting Range: 442
  • Product Form: Braze or solder in the form of a paste.
  • Approvals / Conformance: Bellcore, IPC