Circular Chart Recorders Datasheets

Advanced Circular Chart Recorder -- C1300
from ABB Measurement & Analytics

High-definition backlit display. – latest LCD panel display technology ensures. instrument operation and configuration is as. easy as possible. Simple-to-configure totalizers. – automatic calculation of the relationship. between units of measure and volume flow. units. Designed to... [See More]

  • Recorder Data Format: Circular
  • Digital I/O Channels: 4
  • Channels: 4
  • Accuracy: 0.1000
10" Circular Chart Recorders -- CT5100 Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

CT5100 Series Circular Chart Recorders measure and display up to two process variables. Choose from a variety of programmable inputs. All recorder and alarm functions are easily configured via front 3-key pad with self prompting displays. Total panel depth of only 2.5" is required with only a 1.3"... [See More]

  • Recorder Data Format: Circular
  • Accuracy: 0.5000
  • Channels: 1
  • DC Voltage: 0 - 5 V
Dwyer Series 1200 Minigraph Recorder
from Century Control Systems, Inc.

Temperature and Process Inputs. Minigraph Recorders combine compact size, durability, accuracy and low cost for an exceptional value. Units are widely used in applications ranging from commercial, industrial, and process to laboratory, field, marine, aerospace and more. Series 1200 Minigraph... [See More]

  • Recorder Data Format: Circular
  • Data Acquisition: Datalogger
  • Accuracy: 2
  • User Interface: Front Panel
Circular Chart Recorder -- DR4300
from Honeywell Process Solutions

The DR4300 10" circular chart recorder is an economical, all-purpose microprocessor-based recorder that can handle a variety of process parameters such as temperature (T/C & RTD) and linear signals (mA, mV, Volts) from devices like temperature, humidity, pressure or flow transmitters. The DR4300 has... [See More]

  • Recorder Data Format: Circular
  • Channels: 2
  • Number of Plots: 2
  • Digital I/O Channels: 2
CR4 Series Circular Recorder
from Linseis Inc.

The CR4 is a 2 pen 6" circular recorder capable of measuring dual temperature, temperature/humidity, temperature/pressure, dual pressure, and temperature/event by using interchangeable sensor kits. [See More]

  • Recorder Data Format: Circular
  • Channels: 15
  • Number of Plots: 2
  • Temperature: -40 to 266
MRC5000™ Chart Recorder and Data Acquisition
from West Control Solutions

Designed with the latest innovations in recording technology, enclosures and functionality, the MRC 5000 is slim, trim and simple. The MRC 5000 is a digital circle chart recorder capable of measuring, recording and controlling up to two process variables from a variety of inputs. Finding a place to... [See More]

  • Recorder Data Format: Circular
  • DC Voltage: 0–25mV, 0 to 50mV; 10–50mV, 0–5V and 1-5V
  • Channels: 2
  • DC Current: 0–20mA, 4–20mA
Circular Chart Recorder -- KC11
from Yokogawa Corporation of America

KC10/11 Key Features: -Easy viewing of simultaneous recorders of temperature and relative humidity. -A neat appearance and compact size for all manners of use. -Easy convenient replacement of charts. -Switchable time of recording: 1 day, 8 days or 32 days(KC11 Only) [See More]

  • Recorder Data Format: Circular
  • Channels: 2
  • Number of Plots: 2
  • Inputs: Thermocouple Input