Multipoint Paperless Videographic Recorder -- SM3000
from ABB Measurement Products

Award-winning technology from ABB. The SM3000 Multipoint Videographic Recorder features state-of-the-art data storage and security technologies. Up to 36 universal analog inputs, communicated inputs or math results can be recorded and displayed in a variety of operator views. 8Mb of onboard flash... [See More]

  • Recorder Data Format: Video
  • Digital I/O Channels: 6
  • Channels: 36
  • Accuracy: 0.1000
AC Voltage Recorder -- SRV
from Linseis Inc.

Low Cost Single Pen AC Voltage Recorder, Voltage Range 0 to 500 VAC, Single Phase [See More]

  • Recorder Data Format: Strip
  • Channels: 1
  • Number of Plots: 2
  • AC Voltage: 0-500VAC
Circular Chart Recorders -- CT87V and CT87E Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The CT87V is a precision instrument used to monitor and record voltage or current on a 152 mm (6") circular paper chart. A 3-digit LED displays the voltage or current value (i.e. no engineering units). CT87V ranges include: 0 to 5.00 V, 0 to 100 mA , 0 to 20.0 mA, or 4 to 20.0 mA. The CT87E is a... [See More]

  • Recorder Data Format: Circular
  • Accuracy: 1
  • Channels: 1
  • DC Voltage: 24 - 180 VDC
DASH-8 -- DASH 8XE [DASH 8XE from Astro-Med, Inc.]
from ValueTronics International, Inc.

With a built-in touch sceen display, modular signal conditioning and high-speed data capture directly to a hard drive, the Dash 8Xe has all the features of a high speed recorder, data acquisition system, and trending recorder in one small package [See More]

  • Recorder Data Format: X-Y; Strip (optional feature)
  • Channels: 8
  • Number of Plots: 8
  • Differential Channels: Yes (optional feature)
Portable Data Acquisition Recorder -- DataFlex-1000
from DSPCon, Inc.

Touch-screen display, flexible signal inputs/outputs including ethernet [See More]

  • Recorder Data Format: Video
  • Data Acquisition: Datalogger
  • Sampling Frequency: 97.2
  • DC Voltage: +/- 10 Volts
Measurement and Control Platform -- CRONOS-PL
from imc DataWorks, LLC

CRONOS-PL is the first ever realization of the integrated platform concept, so popular in the automotive industry, applied to a data acquisition system. "Integrated Measurement Engineering" opens new possibilities in measurement technology for development, testing, production and service... [See More]

  • Channels: 512
  • Digital I/O Channels: 100
  • Differential Channels: Yes
  • Sampling Frequency: 100
System 470
from NEFF Instrument Corp.

Low-level moderate-speed, low-priced modular system for computer-based DAQ [See More]

  • Recorder Data Format: Circular (optional feature); X-Y (optional feature); Video (optional feature); Bars, Dials
  • Channels: 512
  • Number of Plots: 10
  • Differential Channels: Yes
2 Pen Portable Strip Chart Recorder -- 4202A
from SOLTEC - an NEC Group Company

2 Pen Portable Strip Chart Recorder. This instrument is an AC powered portable strip chart recorder. The input spans are push button-selectable from eight calibrated ranges of 10 mV to 50 V. The pull-switch attenuator concentric with the ZERO control provides additional four ranges from 20 mV to 100... [See More]

  • Recorder Data Format: Strip
  • Accuracy: 0.5000
  • Channels: 2
  • Data Acquisition: Datalogger