Electronic Recorders -- EH Series
from CHINO Works America Inc.

The EH series recorders are supplied with either continuous pen-writing or multi-point dot-printing systems. This versatile series of electronic self-balancing strip chart recorders features a 180mm chart. Models are available to record various industrial variables such as temperature, mV or DC... [See More]

  • Inputs: Thermocouple Input; Thermistor Input; RTD Input
  • Channels: 24
  • Recorder Data Format: Strip
  • Data Acquisition: Datalogger
6-Channel Multipoint Recorder -- SIREC P/PA
from Siemens Process Instrumentation

Overview SIREC P/PA. 6-channel multipoint recorder, with and without text output. Format 144 mm x 144 mm. Input signals DC U/I, TC, RTD, R(free matching by the user). Measuring cycle 400/640 ms. Limit monitoring. Recording with fiber pen assembly, 6 colors. Dot joining technique. Event marking. [See More]

  • Inputs: Thermocouple Input; Thermistor Input; RTD Input
  • Number of Plots: 6
  • Recorder Data Format: Strip
  • Channels: 6
ThermaViewer™ -- TDVD-02
from 2DI (Two-Dimensional Instruments, LLC)

Uses plastic thermistor as a probe [See More]

  • Inputs: Thermistor Input
  • Number of Plots: 2
  • Recorder Data Format: X-Y; Strip; Video; X Y Graphic
  • Channels: 2
System 470
from NEFF Instrument Corp.

Low-level moderate-speed, low-priced modular system for computer-based DAQ [See More]

  • Inputs: Thermocouple Input; Thermistor Input; RTD Input; Bridge Input; Encoder Input; Tach; Timer / Clock Input; TTL
  • Number of Plots: 10
  • Recorder Data Format: Circular (optional feature); X-Y (optional feature); Video (optional feature); Bars, Dials
  • Channels: 512