MIL-SPEC Fluxes Datasheets

Write Flux Pens No Clean -- ALPHA® 615-25
from Alpha Assembly Solutions

ALPHA 615 flux meets MIL-F-14256 requirements for flux type RMA, making it suitable for all Military work requiring conformance to DOD-STD-2000. ALPHA 615 also meets the IPC-SF-818 standard for type LR3NC, the lowest flux residue corrositivity category and the highest surface insulation resistance... [See More]

  • Approvals / Conformance: MILSPEC; MIL-F-14256
  • Type: Soldering Flux / Rosin; Semiconductor Grade
MetaFlux RA-500
from Metallic Resources, Inc.

High Quality Fluxes for Every Demanding Application!. MetaFlux ™ wave soldering fluxes are formulated for each and every individual process encountered in the wave soldering process. They exhibit many performance qualities not found in other fluxes, yet most often are "drop ins" in an existing... [See More]

  • Approvals / Conformance: MILSPEC; MIL-F-14256F, Type RA
  • Nominal Composition: Rosin
  • Type: Soldering Flux / Rosin