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Flanged Resistor -- R 1000-10-1Y
from Barry Industries, Inc.

BeO material, configuration B, no cover [See More]

  • Technology / Construction: Ceramic Composition; MetalAlloy; Thick Film (Chip); Leaded
  • Mounting / Packaging: Bolt-on Chassis; Flange
  • Category / Application: Automotive; Aerospace; Chip Resistor; General Use; Industrial; Medical; Power Applications
  • Resistance Range: 0.5000 to 20000
High Energy Resistor -- Narrow Ribbon - 10
from General Atomics Electronic Systems, Inc.

General Atomics Energy Products High Energy resistors consist of a resistive element housed in a robust frame constructed of metal end terminals separated by insulating angle bracket side rails. Standard resistors come in several basic cross sections, with lengths from 6 to 48 inches. The frame is... [See More]

  • Technology / Construction: MetalAlloy
  • Mounting / Packaging: Folded Ribbon Strip
  • Category / Application: General Use; Power Applications; Pulsed or Continuous Duty
  • Resistance Range: 70 to 10000