Blue Pigments Datasheets

Pigment Dispersion - Phthalo Blue, Al (Cu free) -- AC 3790-F
from Alex Color Company

Al-Flex dispersions contain pigment , water, alkali-stabilized acrylic resin and a small amount of organic preservative. Their main application is water-flexo inks.In addition to the listed amount of pigment, each dispersion contains 8-10% of alkali-stabilized acrylic resin, and small amounts... [See More]

  • Color: Blue
  • Form: Masterbatch or Concentrate in Liquid or Paste Form
  • Color Index: Blue 79
  • Application: Inks
Series pigment dispersions -- 14-000R
from Epoxies Etc...

Epoxies, Etc... 14-000 series are color pigment dispersions for Epoxy Resin Systems. The 14-000 pigment dispersions series are formulated to ensure ease in mixing and blending into epoxy resins. They provide Virtually unlimited color matching capabilities. Once dispersed they remain stable... [See More]

  • Color: Black; Blue; Brown; Gray; Green; Orange; Red; White; Yellow
  • Application: Adhesives; Paints; Plastics; Epoxy
  • Form: Masterbatch or Concentrate in Liquid or Paste Form
OnColor ComPETe® Colorants
from PolyOne Corporation

PET colorants, custom-formulated concentrates, three specialized formats [See More]

  • Color: Blue (optional feature); Green (optional feature); Amber
  • Form: Masterbatch or Concentrate in Liquid or Paste Form (optional feature); Masterbatch or Concentrate in Pellet or Solid Form (optional feature); Pelletized Concentrate
  • Chemical / Resin Compatibility: PET Colorants
  • Application: Plastics