Array Circuit Protection Components Datasheets

Low Capacitance ESD Protection, 0.5pF Rail Clamp Array -- SP3012
from Littelfuse, Inc.

The SP3012 integrates either 4 or 6 channels of ultra low capacitance rail-to-rail diodes and an additional zener diode to provide protection for electronic equipment that may experience destructive electrostatic discharges (ESD). These robust devices can safely absorb repetitive ESD strikes above... [See More]

  • Configuration: Chip Array
  • Mounting / Packaging: Surface Mount Technology (SMT / SMD)
  • Device Type: ESD Suppressor
  • Package Size: JEDEC MO-229
Branch Circuit Monitoring System Up To 72 Branch Circuits -- DIRIS BCMS 720

Energy efficiency is becoming a major concern for the owners and operators of data centres. The DIRIS BCMS 720 is a real asset in obtaining energy savings thanks to its ability to monitor currents, power and energy on 72 single-phase distribution circuits in PDU type electrical switchboards. With a... [See More]

  • Configuration: Chip Array
  • Mounting / Packaging: Back Plate or DIN Rail
  • Device Type: Circuit Monitor
  • Supply Voltage (VS): 0.0 to 300
Z25M Series -- Z25M221S
from Semitec USA Corp.

Fast response to high speed transient/ surge voltage [See More]

  • Configuration: Chip Array
  • Mounting / Packaging: Bolt-on Chassis
  • Device Type: Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV)
  • Supply Voltage (VS): 187 to 253
12V Low Capacitance TVS Array -- LCDA12C-1
from Semtech Corp.

Protects sensitive CMOS ICs from the damaging effects of ESD and lightning. [See More]

  • Configuration: Chip Array
  • Mounting / Packaging: SOT-143
  • Device Type: ESD Suppressor; Transient Voltage Suppressor Diode
  • Supply Voltage (VS): 12

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