Device Type:Other Circuit Protection Components Datasheets

Current Limit Accessory Module -- PAD125
from Power Amp Design

The PAD125 current limit accessory module was designed to extend the protection circuitry for high power amplifiers and avoid current limit induced oscillations that often occur in high output current amplifiers. To keep power dissipation in the current sense resistor to a minimum the PAD125... [See More]

  • Device Type: Current Limiter
  • Mounting / Packaging: Through-Hole
  • Configuration: Single Device
  • Supply Voltage (VS): 8 to 250
Branch Circuit Monitoring System Up To 72 Branch Circuits -- DIRIS BCMS 720

Energy efficiency is becoming a major concern for the owners and operators of data centres. The DIRIS BCMS 720 is a real asset in obtaining energy savings thanks to its ability to monitor currents, power and energy on 72 single-phase distribution circuits in PDU type electrical switchboards. With a... [See More]

  • Device Type: Circuit Monitor
  • Mounting / Packaging: Back Plate or DIN Rail
  • Configuration: Chip Array
  • Supply Voltage (VS): 0.0 to 300
Circuit Protection - RTP -- RTP200HR010SA
from TE Connectivity - Circuit Protection

Built to endure reflow without opening. RTP devices only open when their internal junction exceeds the device ’s specified open temperature, in thermal runaway events, and before the melt temperature of typical lead free solders. While operating under normal component windows, the device... [See More]

  • Device Type: Reflowable Thermal Protection Device
  • Tj: -55 to 150
  • Supply Voltage (VS): 16
  • Standards and Certifications: RoHS
Protection & Control -- Multilin™ C60 Breaker Protection System
from GE Digital Energy

The C60 Breaker Protection System is a substation hardened controller that provides a complete integrated package for the protection, control, and monitoring of circuit breakers. The C60 supports dual-breaker busbar configurations such as breaker-and-a-half or ring bus arrangements. Signals from up... [See More]

  • Device Type: Circuit Breaker Protection System
  • Mounting / Packaging: Rackmount
  • Configuration: Single Device
  • Supply Voltage (VS): 24 to 250
Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI)
from GE Industrial Solutions

Residential electrical fires occur around 70,000 times a year. A significant portion of these fires can be attributed to arc faults. An arc fault is the flow of electricity over an unintended path. These arcs can exceed temperatures of 10,000 ° F and easily ignite combustible materials in the... [See More]

  • Device Type: Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter
  • Mounting / Packaging: Panel Mount (Bushing)
  • Configuration: Single Device
  • Supply Voltage (VS): 120 to 240
Circuit Surge Protection Devices -- AEP-12, 12V DC AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRONIC PROTECTOR

MCG ’s new Direct Current AEP-12 & AEP-24 protects sensitive automotive electronics from damaging transients that occur in a vehicle ’s electrical system. Designed with high performance and safety standards in mind, the AEP Surge protector will withstand repetitive transients that... [See More]

  • Mounting / Packaging: Bolt-on Chassis
  • Configuration: Single Device
  • Supply Voltage (VS): 10 to 15
12V Low Capacitance TVS Array -- LCDA12C-1
from Semtech Corp.

Protects sensitive CMOS ICs from the damaging effects of ESD and lightning. [See More]

  • Device Type: ESD Suppressor; Transient Voltage Suppressor Diode
  • Mounting / Packaging: SOT-143
  • Configuration: Chip Array
  • Supply Voltage (VS): 12