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MLVA Series; Multilayer Varistor ESD Suppressor
from Cooper Bussmann, Inc.

MLVA Series of multilayer varistors are designed to protect electronic circuits from ESD damage. With its small, standardized 0201, 0402 and 0603 sizes, it ’s easy to implement them into any circuit board design. The MLVA is suitable for push button, power line and low frequency overvoltage... [See More]

  • Package Size: 0201 (optional feature); 0402 (optional feature); 0603 (optional feature)
  • Mounting / Packaging: Surface Mount Technology (SMT / SMD)
  • Configuration: Single Device
  • Current Surge: 20 to 30
Diode -- 29M3495
from Newark / element14

Diode; Diode Type:ESD Protection; Clamping Voltage Vc Max:42V; Operating Voltage:15V; Diode Case Style:0603; Operating Temperature Range:-40°C to +85°C; Package / Case:0603 [See More]

  • Package Size: 0603
  • Clamping Voltage: 42
  • Supply Voltage (VS): 15