Sardello, Inc.
from Sardello, Inc.

Blast Cleaning, shot/glass/sand. Burn-off/Thermal Cleaning. Aqueous Submerge Tanks. Degreasing including Vapor. Pressure/Spray Washing. Mass Finishing, tumble/vibratory. Crack Detection including MPI. Large and Small Bore Honing. Surface and Valve Grinding. Coating Removal and Surface Evaluation. [See More]

  • Industry Served: Aerospace; Castings / Cast Metal; Commercial / Professional; Machine Tools; Maintenance; Marine; OEM / Industrial; Steel / Metal Mills
  • Capabilities: Abrasive Blasting; Sandblasting; Peening
  • Company Information: Sardello, Inc., offers cleaning, remanufacturing and assembly services for a variety of parts in critical applications. By outsourcing your needs, you gain flexibility, productivity and predictability within your operations.
  • Services: New or OEM Parts