Protomatic, Inc.
from Protomatic, Inc.

Surface finishing services include coarse sandblasting, ultrafine microblasting with microabrasive particles, and CO2. Gravity deburring and magnetic peening and polishing. [See More]

  • Materials: Aluminum; Carbide; Ceramic; Copper / Copper Alloys; Steel / Steel Alloys; Stainless Steel; Iron / Cast Iron; Exotic Metals; Nickel / Nickel alloys; Precious Metals; Plastic or Rubber; Titanium
  • Capabilities: Abrasive Blasting; Dry Ice Blasting; Sandblasting; Peening
  • Company Information: Protomatic, Inc. is a CNC precision machine shop specializing in CNC precision machining as well as prototype and short-run production. We are capable of 3, 4, and 5-axis micro-machining, laser engraving, engineering services, and many other technical processes which set us apart from the typical run-of-the-mill CNC precision job shop.
  • Certifications: ISO 9001:2008
Tech Met
from Tech Met

Tech Met has been dedicated to providing responsive, competent and high quality chemical milling services on fabricated components since 1988. Tech Met conducts a variety of chem-mill related processes including: Passivation to QQ-P-35, ASTM 967, ASTM A380 and other processes. Abrasive Blasting... [See More]

  • Materials: Steel / Steel Alloys; Stainless Steel; Exotic Metals; Nickel / Nickel alloys; Titanium
  • Capabilities: Abrasive Blasting
  • Company Information: Tech Met has the capability to abrasive blast a variety of parts using aluminum oxide and glass bead medias.
  • Certifications: NADCAP
Lambda Technologies
from Lambda Technologies

Lambda Technologies has taken surface enhancement to a new level designing and introducing residual stress distributions that improve component performance and damage tolerance without changing either the material or the component design. Lambda's patented Low Plasticity Burnishing (LPB) processing... [See More]

  • Materials: Aluminum; Copper / Copper Alloys; Steel / Steel Alloys; Stainless Steel; Iron / Cast Iron; Exotic Metals; Nickel / Nickel alloys; Titanium
  • Capabilities: Peening; Low Plasticity Burnishing
  • Company Information: Low Plasticity Burnishing and related surface treatments can be used to add a layer of compressive residual stress to improve component performance, reduce maintenance costs, and allow material substitution in ways that were never before possible.
  • Certifications: ISO 9001:2000; FDA Registered; OEM Specific
Sardello, Inc.
from Sardello, Inc.

Blast Cleaning, shot/glass/sand. Burn-off/Thermal Cleaning. Aqueous Submerge Tanks. Degreasing including Vapor. Pressure/Spray Washing. Mass Finishing, tumble/vibratory. Crack Detection including MPI. Large and Small Bore Honing. Surface and Valve Grinding. Coating Removal and Surface Evaluation. [See More]

  • Materials: Aluminum; Steel / Steel Alloys; Stainless Steel; Iron / Cast Iron; Exotic Metals
  • Capabilities: Abrasive Blasting; Sandblasting; Peening
  • Company Information: Sardello, Inc., offers cleaning, remanufacturing and assembly services for a variety of parts in critical applications. By outsourcing your needs, you gain flexibility, productivity and predictability within your operations.
  • Services: New or OEM Parts