Polyethylene (PE, HDPE, UHMW PE) Plastic and Rubber Balls Datasheets

50 mm hdpe floating spheres 1000/case -- 3561
from U.S. Plastic Corporation

Spheres float on surface of liquid in open tank and thereby greatly reduce the exposed liquid surface area - up to 90%. Dramatically diminish objectionable fumes and odors. Blanket of spheres also insulates heated liquid reducing evaporation and heat requirements. Ideal for plating tanks and similar... [See More]

  • Plastic / Elastomer Material: Polyethylene
Polyethylene, H.D. Ball
from Kaydon Corp., Industrial Tectonics

Plastic balls are ideal for light-load bearings and flow control applications. Because they are quiet, plastic balls are often selected for use in office furniture, bearings, medical products, and similar applications. Plastic balls are also used extensively in flow control applications, in... [See More]

  • Plastic / Elastomer Material: Thermoplastic; Polyethylene
  • Applications: Medical / Biotech; Chemical Processing, Pharmaceutical