Bucket Infeed Conveyor -- UF-9000
from Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc.

Virtually indestructible Lexan ® buckets contain the smallest of components with no possibility of loss of individual pieces. It comes in two bucket size, 4' x 8" or 6' x 10". The Ultra-Feed 9000 offers faster bucket indexing with a variable speed, and variable indexing drive. Rugged... [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Belt
Center Drive Belt Conveyor, Ø15mm Return -- Model EBS40-M2
from easy-conveyors

EBS series belt-conveyors are manufactured from 40/80mm anodized aluminum extrusions, available with Transmission, Direct, Center and Drum drives, drive motors are flange mounted and housings are CNC machined, with processing speeds to 85mtr/min and loads to 150kg we offer a complete range of motor... [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Belt
  • Speed: 263
  • Maximum Load: 165
Low Profile Conveyors
from Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

Low Profile conveyors from Industrial Magnetics, Inc. are available in magnetic or non-magnetic models in a variety of sizes to meet your application. The low overall clearance design requires minimal space for installation, while allowing for fast belt replacement. In addition, the magnetic unit... [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Low Profile; Belt
  • Speed: 5 to 65
  • Maximum Load: 10 to 60
  • Features and Options: Magnetic (optional feature)
APB Volumetric Belt Feeder -- APB1-3
from Metalfab, Inc.

Metalfab's APB Volumetric Belt Feeder features a ruggedly built, sliding belt assembly designed for highly accurate metering of all types of powders, pellets, and agglomerates. It is exceptionally well suited for feeding of abrasive materials and materials that have a tendency to smear or compress... [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Belt
  • Volume: 6.67
Belt Conveyor -- VecoBelt
from Vecoplan, LLC

Pipe belt conveyors (type: VecoBelt) are ideal for conveying bulk materials over long distances either horizontally or on a slight incline. The material being transported glides on a cushion of air in a closed steel tube. Benefits in brief: Very low drive capacity required in relation to conveying... [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Belt
  • Features and Options: Cleated
  • Volume: 500
Belt Conveyors
from Webb-Stiles Company

Webb-Stiles manufactures a complete lineup of Belt and Specialty Belt conveyors. From our Econo Belt Conveyors to heavy-duty foundry and specialty plastic AND wire mesh belt conveyors, etc. you ’ll be assured of long life and rugged equipment. Send us your specifications or contact a... [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Belt
  • Features and Options: Cleated (optional feature); Sanitary (optional feature)
from Automated Packaging Systems

The Autobag Kit-Veyor infeed conveyor is a high productivity system designed to automatically collate small parts into packaged kits. [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Belt
AccuMove™ -- 17 Tooth
from Conveyor Technologies, Ltd.

17 tooth low profile, minimum torque requirements and inertia values [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Low Profile; Belt
2200 Series -- Cleated Belt End Drive
from Dorner Manufacturing Corp.

Flat Belt End Drive, Cleated Belt End Drive, Gravity Roller and Center Drive models [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Low Profile; Belt
  • Speed: 264
  • Maximum Load: 10 to 80
  • Features and Options: Cleated
Hinge Belt Chip Conveyors
from Hennig, Inc.

For managing heavy metals and stringy chips, optional coolant storage tanks [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Belt
  • Speed: 2.2
4300 Series Belt Conveyors -- 4312 Roller
from Kase Industries, Inc.

Elevating material from one level to another-loading trucks, soil carts, etc. Will take discharge from soil mixer, soil feeder, continuous mixing systems, etc. Load skirt with holes for attaching hopper. Roller and slider bed construction. Manual motor starter switch. Ideal for stockpiling media. [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Belt
Sliderbed Conveyors -- SB
from Marathon Equipment Company

Low volume (2-4 ton/hr), 2 ply rubber cleated belt [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Belt
  • Mass Flow: 4
Hi-Speed Magna Switch
from Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed

Jam eyes, smart belt system, up to 6 in feed lanes and 11 discharge lanes [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Belt
  • Speed: 350
  • Maximum Load: 25
Casting Cooler
from PRAB, Inc.

Ideal for cooling hot die castings. Eliminates misting issues associated with water quench conveyors, improving plant air quality. [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Belt
Weigh Belt Feeder -- "SB" Weigh Belt Feeder
from Thayer Scale

Proves the best approach for both cost & material handling requirements [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Belt
Standard Belt Conveyor Tripper -- 18" Belt Width
from Ward Industrial Equipment Ltd.

Custom designed to meet your application, custom options available [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Belt
  • Maximum Load: 2500