Conveyor Type:Other Unit Handling Conveyors Datasheets

Can Conveying - IMI Magnetic Conveying Rail
from Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

IMI Magnetic Conveying Rail utilizes powerful permanent magnets to hold ferrous parts such as steel containers, composite cans, cans and lids, firmly in place during conveying. The magnetic rail is installed as a stationary component and allows the conveyor belting to ride over the top of it. The... [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Can Conveying
  • Features and Options: Magnetic
Trailer Conversion System
from KieTek International, Inc.

Trailer Roller Bed Systems. KieTek provides Trailer Roller Bed Systems in three versions: Permanent, Drop In, and Fold Up. The Permanent is plank that is installed to the floor of a trailer. KieTek provides the plank in a kit form with roller cubes and retainers. The Drop In version consists of... [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Ball Transfer Table; Rolling Ball Conveyor
Belt Conveyer -- BC603012
from Pro-Line - A Division of RW Hatfield

Belt Variable speed belt conveyor built into our popular cantilever CHD workbench. Works great with progressive assembly applications. UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) work surface makes it easy to slide product on and off conveyor. Belts come in both standard and ESD polypropylene. Just pop in... [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Polypropylene Belt
  • Features and Options: Anti-static (optional feature)
  • Maximum Load: 100
7400 Series -- Cleated Plastic Chain
from Dorner Manufacturing Corp.

Straight Flat Plastic Chain and Cleated Plastic Chain Models [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Chain; Low Profile; Curved Belt Tracking
  • Speed: 150
from HayssenSandiacre

For use with packaging system, up to 200 products per minute [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Belt; Infeed Placement
Cartveyor™ Shopping Cart Conveyor
from Pflow Industries, Inc.

Safe, efficient transport of shopping carts from one floor level to another [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Trolley; Shopping Cart Conveyor
  • Speed: 80
  • Maximum Load: 1000
High-Speed Switch
from Span Tech LLC

The High-Speed Switch is a lane divider/converger designed to split a flow of products while maintaining product pitch. Typically, these units will receive a single line flow and switch it into two, three, or four lanes of output. Product flow can be split at high speeds — SpanTech systems are... [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Chain; Divider/ Converger
  • Features and Options: Sanitary
  • Speed: 200