Sanitary Unit Handling Conveyors Datasheets

7200 Series -- Cleated Belt End Drive
from Dorner Manufacturing Corp.

Flat Belt and Cleated Belt [See More]

  • Features and Options: Cleated; Sanitary
  • Maximum Load: 60
  • Conveyor Type: Belt; Low Profile
  • Speed: 264
Dual Track Spiral Conveyor -- 1200-200/1800-200
from Ryson International, Inc.

Two tracks operate independently within one spiral structure. Both tracks can go up or down, and can optionally be reversible. [See More]

  • Features and Options: Cleated (optional feature); Sanitary (optional feature)
  • Conveyor Type: Chain; Slat; Vertical Continuous
Curving Conveyor -- CV-Series
from Span Tech LLC

The WhisperTrax CV-Series is a single curving conveyor with minimum end lengths. Engineered to have the tightest turning radius in the industry, the CV-Series provides dependable, nearly maintenance-free operation. The conveyor comes with the bed section fully assembled, with legs separate for quick... [See More]

  • Features and Options: Sanitary
  • Load Capacity: 50
  • Conveyor Type: Chain
  • Speed: 75
Belt Conveyor
from Webb-Stiles Company

Webb-Stiles manufactures a complete lineup of Belt and Specialty Belt conveyors. From our Econo Belt Conveyors to heavy-duty foundry and specialty plastic AND wire mesh belt conveyors, etc. you ’ll be assured of long life and rugged equipment. Send us your specifications or contact a... [See More]

  • Features and Options: Cleated (optional feature); Sanitary (optional feature)
  • Conveyor Type: Belt

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