Gravity Conveyor Unit Handling Conveyors Datasheets

1stFlex 200 Medium/Light DutyFlexible Conveyor
from KieTek International, Inc.

Our conveyors offer high quality resin skatewheels with internal steel ball bearings and a specially engineered internal structure that produces super low friction and excellent load bearing capacity in medium/light duty applications. Unlike competitors, there is no extra charge for our intergral... [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Flex Turns; Gravity Conveyor; Skate Wheel
  • Load Capacity: 90
Built In Gravity Roller Conveyer -- GRRBT6030
from Pro-Line - A Division of RW Hatfield

These units allow product to roll from one station to the next with a 12" x 12" Retractable Ball Transfer section in the center of the surface. 1" dia. x 12"L Rollers are set on 3" centers on either side of ball transfers. Transfers, when up, are set at same height as roller which allows product to... [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Ball Transfer Table; Gravity Conveyor; Roller
  • Maximum Load: 200
Gravity Conveyor
from Air Conveying Systems, Div. of Glasgow Products, Inc.

Custom designed air tables available for a wide range of applications [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Air Table; Gravity Conveyor
from Ashland Conveyor Products

Roller Conveyor with 3-1/2 "x1-3/8 "x11 gauge painted steel channel frame, and 1-3/8 " O.D. x 16 gauge galvanized steel rollers set high in frame, and butt plate couplings. [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Gravity Conveyor; Roller
2200 Series -- Gravity Roller
from Dorner Manufacturing Corp.

Flat Belt End Drive, Cleated Belt End Drive, Gravity Roller and Center Drive models [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Gravity Conveyor; Roller
  • Load Capacity: 80
Model 1418C Gravity Roller Conveyor Curve Sections -- 1418C-10-45
from Rolmaster Conveyors

1 3/8" Diameter, 18 Gauge Curve. Gravity Roller Curves add to the versatility of straight conveyors. Curves provide smooth product flow through turns. Curves will convey products with minimum degree of pitch based on weight and size. Optional guard rails may be added for product protection [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Gravity Conveyor
Gravity Conveyor
from UNEX Manufacturing, Inc.

Superior flow - even for hard to convey items [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Gravity Conveyor; Roller (optional feature); Skate Wheel (optional feature)
  • Load Capacity: 100