Arkalon Chemical Technologies, LLC
from Arkalon Chemical Technologies, LLC

For medium to large scale projects, ACT works closely with two US manufacturing affiliates who maintain modern, state-of-the-art chemical manufacturing . Our affiliates ’ plants are designed for flexible manufacturing, both in terms of scale and compositions of matter handled. Included on... [See More]

  • Chemicals Processed: Chemical Agents / Additives; Inorganic Chemicals; Monomers & Intermediates; Organic Chemicals; Polymers; Reagents
  • Services Offered: Analytical Testing / Inspection; Process Optimization; Research and Development
  • Company Information: Arkalon manufacturers reactive monomers for polymer and membrane synthesis. We offer capabilities to functionalize polymers and to modify nano-particle surfaces by conjugation with ligands.
  • Processes: Coating; Crystallization; Filtration / Extraction