Titanium / Titanium Alloy Master Alloys and Alloying Additives Datasheets

AMPERIT -- Thermal Spray Powders
from H.C. Starck Inc. - Fabricated Products Group

Applications technology for AMPERIT® spray powders was established in Laufenburg more than 20 years ago. The so-called spraylab, which processes and analyses thermal spray powders produced by H.C.Starck and others available on the market, was and still is at the heart of this field. Starting with an... [See More]

  • Metal / Alloy System: CarbonSteel (optional feature); Molybdenum (optional feature); Titanium (optional feature); Tungsten (optional feature); Cobalt (optional feature); Aluminum (optional feature); Nickel (optional feature)
  • Type / Function: Alloying - Microalloying
Titanium -- ATI 425®Titanium Alloy
from ATI Wah Chang

ATI 425®Alloy is a high strength, high ductility, titanium alloy available in a variety of product forms, including cold-rolled coil orsheet. Originally developed by ATI for ballistic armor applications, it has recently been characterized for aerospace and industrialapplications, including... [See More]

  • Metal / Alloy System: Titanium