Standards and Compliance:Other Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC) Datasheets

DIN-Rail IPC Controllers -- APAX-5580
from Advantech

Advantech's APAX-5580 is a powerful DIN-Rail IPC with an Intel Core i7/i3/Celeron CPU. It is the ideal open control platform to be combined with APAX I/O modules, and features flexible I/O expansion, real-time I/O control, network capability through various interfaces, and support dual power input... [See More]

  • Standards and Compliance: RoHS; CE, FCC
  • Network and Connectivity: Ethernet / TCP/IP
  • Device Category: PAC Module
  • Backplane: mPCIe
Blue Fusion Web Enabled Controller -- Model 5101
from Control Technology Corporation

Supports up to 4 motion axes, HTTP, FTP, XML, SOAP, RMI, peer-to-peer [See More]

  • Standards and Compliance: FCC, ICES, EC
  • Applications: General Purpose; Motion Control; Machine Vision; Machine Control
  • Device Category: PAC System
  • PAC Module: Analog I/O Module (optional feature); Digital I/O Module (optional feature); Counter Module (optional feature); RS232 / 422 / 485 Module (optional feature); Servo / Stepper Controller Module (optional feature); Data Acquisition Module (optional feature)
Analog Input Module -- I-7012
from ICP DAS USA, Inc.

LED display, over voltage protection, power consumption [See More]

  • Standards and Compliance: CE
  • Applications: General Purpose
  • Device Category: PAC Module
  • PAC Module: Analog I/O Module; Digital I/O Module
from Opto 22

The SNAP-PAC-R1-FM programmable automation controller provides control, communication, and I/O processing in a compact, rack-mounted package. One of four components of the SNAP PAC System, the SNAP-PAC-R1-FM is fully integrated with PAC Project software, SNAP PAC brains, and SNAP I/O modules. NOTE:... [See More]

  • Standards and Compliance: FM
  • Applications: General Purpose
  • Device Category: PAC System
  • Network and Connectivity: Ethernet / TCP/IP
from STW Technic

PWM outputs, rugged harsh environments,internal diagnostics [See More]

  • Standards and Compliance: CE, TUV
  • Applications: General Purpose; Machine Control; Auto/Agricultural/Construction Vehicles
  • Device Category: PAC Module
  • PAC Module: Analog I/O Module; Digital I/O Module; RS232 / 422 / 485 Module