Three-Phase Medical Power Supplies Datasheets

Centralized Power Supply for Emergency Systems -- EMERGENCY CPSS

The EMergency CPSS range has been designed to answer your needs in terms of power supply for your safety system. All our EMergency products are compliant with standard EN 50171. The EMergency CPSS products are intended to ensure energy supply to emergency escape lighting in the event of mains supply... [See More]

  • Phase  : Single-Phase; Three-Phase (optional feature); 50 Hz
  • Device Category: AC Power Source
  • Output Power: 64000
  • Style: Cabinet
1U Pluggable Power System -- 2 Outputs 600 Watts
from AJs Power Source, Inc.

Universal AC input, PFC compliant to EN61000-3-2, no minimum load [See More]

  • Phase  : Single-Phase (optional feature); Three-Phase (optional feature)
  • Number of Outputs: 2
  • Output Power: 600
  • Device Category: DC Power Supply (optional feature); DC-DC Converter (optional feature); Rectifier (optional feature)
LH Series -- LH1.5R3.3
from Glassman High Voltage, Inc.

Pulse width modulation, air insulated, arc quench and arc sensing circuitry [See More]

  • Phase  : Three-Phase; 50 Hz
  • Efficiency: 85
  • Output Power: 5000
  • Number of Outputs: 1
Starsine™ High Power AC Source -- SS1212-1-AF1
from Satcon Technology Corporation

Precision performance, programmable/manual, simultaneous loading, compact [See More]

  • Phase  : Three-Phase; 50 Hz
  • Number of Outputs: 1
  • Efficiency: 92
  • Device Category: AC Power Source
...Genesys™ -- GEN 10-330
from TDK-Lambda Americas Inc., High Power Division

High power density, low ripple, operation in difficult AC environments [See More]

  • Phase  : Single-Phase; Three-Phase; 50 Hz
  • Device Category: DC Power Supply; Programmable Power Supply
  • Number of Outputs: 1
  • DC Power Supply Technology: Switching

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