Features:Other Test, Inspection, and Measurement Software Datasheets

BioCommand Batch Control -- M1326-0010
from Eppendorf AG

New Brunswick Scientific (NBS) has developed three next-generation BioCommand ® software packages designed to enhance your ability to monitor and control your fermentation and cell culture processes through your personal computer (PC). Three distinct BioCommand packages are offered, providing... [See More]

  • Features: Automatic Test Reporting; Remote Access (LAN, WAN; Data Acquisition Capability; Advanced Programming Capability
  • Computer Platform: PC
  • Applications: Condition Monitoring Software; Lab Management
from Advanced Test Concepts, Inc. (ATC, Inc.)

The Leak-Tek © program, provides the user a MS-Windows ™ based program to perform data collection, IGLS set up and calibration. An RS232 connection is used for communication using a USB to RS232 cable. Leak-Tek © 5.0 has an optional RJ45 for Ethernet interface. Minimum PC requirement... [See More]

  • Features: Program Custom Tests; Automatic Test Reporting; Parallel Multiple Testing; Data Acquisition Capability; Summary Report Per Part Number
  • Computer Platform: PC
  • Applications: Compliance; Condition Monitoring Software; IGLS Setup & Calibration