PACSystems™ RX3i Controller
from GE Intelligent Platforms

High performance traditional modular control system designed for process or discrete applications. Best choice for motion and high availability solutions. GE Intelligent Platforms created the concept of the Programmable Automation Controller with the introduction of our PACSystems ™ family of... [See More]

  • PAC Module: Analog I/O Module; Digital I/O Module; Relay Module; Counter Module; Servo / Stepper Controller Module
  • Backplane: PCI
  • Network and Connectivity: Ethernet / TCP/IP; DeviceNet; PROFIBUS; MODBUS; GENIUS, HART, PROFINET, EGD
  • Ports / Interfaces: Ethernet; RS485 (optional feature)
iQ PC Controller
from Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.

The iQ Platform combines several key automation disciplines including the ability to integrate an industrial PC and its environment on this hardware platform. The iQ PC (WinPC) is design to compress your hardware architecture and manage your automation system while taking full advantage of benefits... [See More]

  • PAC Module: Analog I/O Module; Digital I/O Module; RS232 / 422 / 485 Module
  • Digital I/O: 8 to 64
  • Ports / Interfaces: Ethernet; RS232; USB
  • Analog I/O: 4 to 8
cFP-AI-100 8 ch, 12-Bit Analog Input Module (mA, V) -- 777318-100
from National Instruments

The National Instruments cFP-AI-100 is an 8-channel single-ended input module for direct measurement of millivolt, low voltage, medium voltage, or milliampere current signals from a variety of sensors and transducers. Designed from top to bottom for productivity and reliability, the NI cFP-AI-100... [See More]

  • PAC Module: Analog I/O Module
  • Analog I/O: 8
  • Ports / Interfaces: Ethernet
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 70
16-Channel Analog Input Module -- Model 2207
from Control Technology Corporation

For 2700 series controllers [See More]

  • PAC Module: Analog I/O Module; Data Acquisition Module
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 50
  • Analog I/O: 16
Analog Input Module -- I-7012
from ICP DAS USA, Inc.

LED display, over voltage protection, power consumption [See More]

  • PAC Module: Analog I/O Module; Digital I/O Module
  • Digital I/O: 3
  • Ports / Interfaces: RS485
  • Analog I/O: 1
from STW Technic

PWM outputs, rugged harsh environments,internal diagnostics [See More]

  • PAC Module: Analog I/O Module; Digital I/O Module; RS232 / 422 / 485 Module
  • Ports / Interfaces: RS232
  • Network and Connectivity: CANbus
  • Digital I/O: 16