Network / Fieldbus Output Furnace Controllers Datasheets

Critical Process Control -- CPC-16EX
from Micron Instruments & Micron Meters

The CompuDAS ® CPC-16EX is a complete, flexible, stand alone Control and Data Acquisition System designed to monitor, document and control processes for Ovens, Autoclaves, Furnaces, and Presses. A companion PC is used for operator display only and has no effect on process control or management. [See More]

  • Control Signal: Switched Output; Network / Fieldbus Output (optional feature)
  • Control: Limit
  • Controller Type: Furnace
  • Features: Datalogger; PC-Based
HC900 Hybrid Controller Series -- HC900
from Honeywell Process Solutions

The HC900 controller provides a cost-effective platform for combining loop and logic control. The HC900 is ideal for unit process applications that require a combination of analog process control functions and discrete control actions. When networked with the Experion system for supervisory control,... [See More]

  • Control Signal: Serial / Digital; Network / Fieldbus Output
  • Control: PID
  • Controller Type: Furnace
  • Form Factor: Stand-Alone