Switch / Relay Output HVAC Controllers Datasheets

RTD Meter/Transmitter/Controller -- Q2000M/Q2000R
from Newport Electronics, Inc.

QUANTA Models Q2000M and Q2000R are low-cost, 3 1/2 digit indicator/controllers for 100 ohm platinum RTD's with alpha of 0.00385. They are complete with sensor excitation and break detection. Resolution can be 1 ° (Q2000M) or 0.1 ° (Q2000R). Readout can be in °C or °F, as selected by... [See More]

  • Control Signal: Analog Voltage Output (optional feature); Current Loop Output (optional feature); Switched Output (optional feature); Other; Parallel BCD
  • Control: Limit; Linear
  • Controller Type: HVAC
  • Features: Multi-Function; Is a Chart Recorder; Rate Indication/ Control
1/4 DIN Digital Controllers -- 4000A Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The OMEGA ® 4000A Series digital controller distinguishes itself by features, construction, and operation one would expect to find only in controllers costing much, much more. Bright, easy-to-read LED digits yield an unambiguous temperature indication which is not achievable with an analog... [See More]

  • Control Signal: Analog Voltage Output (optional feature); Current Loop Output (optional feature); Switched Output (optional feature); Other (optional feature); Triac
  • Control: Limit (optional feature); PID (optional feature)
  • Controller Type: HVAC
  • Features: Rate Indication/ Control
Electronic Controller -- 2430
from Sierra Monitor Corporation

The primary task of the Telecom Site Management Products is the efficient monitoring and management of critical site support elements, including commercial power, HVAC, generators, DC plant and batteries, and environmental sensors. Depending upon the type and size of the structure, equipment housed... [See More]

  • Control Signal: Analog Voltage Output; Current Loop Output; Switched Output
  • Control: Limit
  • Controller Type: HVAC
  • Features: Multi-Function
Control and Processing Unit -- TROVIS 5171
from SAMSON Controls, Inc.

Features. • Freely programmable according to IEC 61131 using. ISaGRAF ®. • Six programming languages. – Ladder Diagram (LD). – Function Block Diagram (FBD). – Structured Text (ST). – Instruction List (IL). – Flow Chart (FC). – Sequential Function... [See More]

  • Control Signal: Analog Voltage Output; Switched Output
  • Control: PID
  • Controller Type: HVAC
  • Form Factor: Chassis
Enhanced Zone Controls -- Enhanced Zone Valve Controls
from Taco, Inc.

Simplify the wiring nightmare! Taco Zone Valve Controls easy-to follow PC board layout eliminates the problems caused by incorrect wiring, while the external indicator lights provide instant diagnostic feedback. Combined with Taco Zone Valves and Thermostats, the system â € ™s... [See More]

  • Control Signal: Switched Output
  • Features: PC-Based
  • Controller Type: HVAC