Program Development (QA Manual / Procedures) Quality Registrars and Registration Services Datasheets

Standards Stores
from Standards Stores

Why Better Products!. Before you spend the money, make sure you know what you are buying. Our products are proven over a 10+ year period, longer than anyone else. Compare every component. Some websites consider a flimsy PowerPoint as training - our products are proven and our... [See More]

  • Capabilities: Consulting / Training; Registration; Pre-assessment / Gap Analysis; Program Development (QA Manual / Procedures); Provde ISO Registration Quotes Through Registrar Partners
  • Registrations / Certification Issued: ISO; ISO/TS 16949:2002 ; ISO 14000; ISO 9001; ISO 13485/8; OHSAS 18001; AS9110, AS9120, ISO 50001
  • Company Information: Standards Stores is the Global Leader to Help You Achieve and Maintain Management System Certification.
  • Applications / Industry: Aerospace; Automotive; Hazardous; HealthCare; Instruments
Bureau Veritas North America, Inc.
from Bureau Veritas North America, Inc.

Core Values and Processes. Safeguarding Impartiality. One of our core values, and also a key element to our code of ethics, is impartiality. It is essential for Bureau Veritas to safefuard the impartiality of our solutions and services rendered in order to protect our credibility and brand, ensure... [See More]

  • Capabilities: Auditing / Assessment; Consulting / Training; Field Evaluation (On-site Inspection / Testing); Registration; Pre-assessment / Gap Analysis; Program Development (QA Manual / Procedures); Witness / Review
  • Registrations / Certification Issued: ISO; RoHS; ISO/TS 16949:2002 ; ISO 14000; ISO 9001; TL 9000; ISO17025; ISO 13485/8; OHSAS 18001; RC 14001; SA 8000
  • Company Information: Bureau Veritas is a global company specializing in quality assurance, health, safety, and environmental services. With over 40,000 professionals worldwide, Bureau Veritas develops solutions that contribute to risk prevention and performance improvement.
  • Applications / Industry: Aerospace; Appliances; Automotive; Energy; Building; Coatings; Food/Pharm; Microelectronics; ElectricalDist; Combustion; Hazardous; HealthCare; HVAC; Semiconductors; Industrial; Instruments; Marine; Materials; MotorControls; Nuclear; Packaging; Wireless; Rubber / Latex; ValvesPumps