MIL-SPEC Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT) Datasheets

Lightning/EMP Protectors -- Type 3401.17.0048-EX - 84014636

GDT technology up to 1.0 GHz [See More]

  • Standards: Military Specifications; RoHS
  • Insertion Loss: 0.1000
  • Frequency Range: 0.0 to 1000
  • Features: Screw In
Surge Arrestor -- AM3000SA160
from Anatech Electronics, Inc.

A gas-discharge-tube protector that covers DC to 3 GHz with VSWR of less than 1.2:1, insertion loss of 0.2 dB, maximum surge protection of 10 kA, and is very compact. [See More]

  • Standards: Military Specifications; IP 68
  • Package Type: Connectorized
  • Construction: Metal
  • Rated Power: 10000
from NexTek, Inc.

Passes DC and Maintains High Surge Protection. 820MHz - 2.2GHz. 7-16DIN-female to 7-16DIN-female or male. VSWR: 1.05 typical. Insertion Loss: 0.05 typical. Maximum Surge Protection: 120kA. Multiple Strike Protection: 60kA(10x). Maintenance Free - No GDT Replacement Required. PIM 3: >-150dBc... [See More]

  • Standards: Military Specifications; IEC529, IP68
  • Package Type: Connectorized
  • Construction: Metal
  • Rated Current: 20

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