Anti-Reflection / Anti-Glare Display Filters and Films Datasheets

High Performance Thin Film Optical Coatings
from Abrisa Technologies

These coatings are all dielectric single or multi-layers and are designed for low reflectance and high transmittance in the UV, visible, and near IR spectral bands. Features. High transmittance. Low reflectance. Operating temperature of ≥ 300 °C (typical). Durable and easy-to-clean. [See More]

  • Enhancement / Features: Anti-Reflection / Anti-Glare; Coated; Transparent
  • Thickness: 0.0039 to 1
Vikuiti™ ARM Removable Film -- ARMR200
from 3M Privacy and Screen Protectors

ARMR200 helps screen stay looking like new longer. Full Description ». - Fits displays 2.80" x 2.07". - Contains three sheets per kit. - Durable - helps protect display from scratches and scuffs. - Anti-reflective coating - helps improve clarity and readability. - Easy to clean - markers and... [See More]

  • Enhancement / Features: Abrasion / Scratch Resistant; Anti-Reflection / Anti-Glare; Coated; Hard Coat / Thin Film; Transparent
  • Thickness: 0.0060
  • Materials: PET / Polyester; Plastic / Polymer
  • Thermal Performance: 85
Near IR Passing Sensor Filter -- Near IR Black #2711
from American Polarizers, Inc.

API's Near Infrared (IR) filters are an excellent choice for your sensor applications. Made from acrylic, our filters are specifically produced to improve signal to noise ratio in near IR applications. We offer three wavelength cutoffs to best meet our customer's requirements: 570nm, 600nm and... [See More]

  • Enhancement / Features: Abrasion / Scratch Resistant (optional feature); Anti-Reflection / Anti-Glare (optional feature); Coated; Hard Coat / Thin Film (optional feature)
  • Thickness: 0.0024
  • Materials: Acrylic / Acrylate; Plastic / Polymer
  • Color: Black
Amazon Kindle Fire PLEX Anti-Glare Screen Protector - 2.. -- CL-476
from Incipio

Amazon Kindle Fire PLEX Anti-Glare Screen Protector - 2 Pack. Using the provided microfiber cleaning cloth, make sure that your Amazon Kindle Fire ’s screen is immaculate to ensure a flawless application process. In addition, Incipio offers screen cleaning kits to aid you in the cleaning... [See More]

  • Enhancement / Features: Anti-Reflection / Anti-Glare

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