Chemical Metal Tubes Datasheets

1/8" OD High Pressure Copper Tubing -- MCT-1018
from Beswick Engineering Co., Inc.

1/16" ID, 1/8" OD high pressure Copper tubing for use with compression fittings. [See More]

  • Application: General Purpose; Aerospace; Automotive; General Chemical; Coolant; Hydraulic; Compressed Air; Pneumatic (Vacuum); Refrigeration; Water
  • Design Units: English
  • Material: Copper
  • Outside Diameter: 0.125
Hastelloy® B2 -- Tubing
from High Performance Alloys, Inc.

Hastelloy B2 is a nickel-molybdenum alloy with significant resistance to reducing environments, such as hydrogen chloride gas and sulfuric, acetic and phosphoric acids. Hastelloy B2 provides resistance to pure sulfuric acid and a number of non-oxidizing acids. The alloy should not be used in... [See More]

  • Application: General Chemical
  • Material: Hastelloy®
Vardex ® Clear Steel Wire Reinforced PVC Suction Hose
from NewAge Industries, Inc. / AdvantaPure

VARDEX, with its steel wire reinforcement coil, is specially suited for applications where resistance to kinking is of primary importance. A proprietary construction technique employed during the manufacture of VARDEX permits full vacuum capabilities (29.9 in./Hg.) for all sizes without hose... [See More]

  • Application: General Purpose; General Chemical; Coolant; Food & Beverage; Pneumatic (Vacuum); Water
  • Design Units: English
  • Material: Steel
  • Outside Diameter: 0.453 to 2.382
Coiled 316L Grade Stainless Steel Tubing -- Silcosteel®-CR Treated
from Restek

High durability tubing. Recommended for: inert applications. high temperatures. high pressures. corrosive environments. zero bleed. Silcosteel ®-CR —A corrosion resistant layer that increases the lifetime of system components in acidic environments containing hydrochloric acid, nitric... [See More]

  • Application: General Chemical
  • Design Units: English
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Outside Diameter: 0.125 to 0.375
Fractional Tubing -- .062 O.D. (0.005 lbs/ft)
from Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication, Inc.

Available in lengths of 17 feet, 24 feet or shorter [See More]

  • Application: General Purpose; Aerospace; Automotive; General Chemical; Coolant; Cryogenic; Food & Beverage; High Purity; High Temp; High Viscosity; Hydraulic; Salt Water; Medical / Pharmaceutical; Oil/Fuel; Peristaltic; Compressed Air; Pneumatic (Vacuum); Refrigeration; Sanitary; Slurry; Water
  • Design Units: English
  • Material: Aluminum (optional feature); Copper (optional feature); Hastelloy® (optional feature); Stainless Steel; Inconel 600™, Monel 400™; T304, T316, T321, T347, Inconel, Monel
  • Outside Diameter: 0.062
Molybdenum LX Tubing
from Rhenium Alloys, Inc.

Moly LX tubing is a Molybdenum Alloy containing Lanthanum oxide. This composition provides extraordinary ductility after exposure to elevated temperatures. Moly LX has finely disbursed particles of Lanthanum Oxide which, when combined with elongated grain structures, leads to excellent high... [See More]

  • Application: General Purpose; Aerospace; Automotive; General Chemical; High Temp; Medical / Pharmaceutical; Thermocouple Sheaths, Semiconductors, Furnace Parts, Electronic Controls
  • Design Units: English
  • Material: Molybdenum
  • Outside Diameter: 0.020 to 1.000
Turbo-Chil -- 56-1950225
from Wolverine Tube, Inc.

Turbo-Chil is manufactured from copper and its alloys. It is an integral finned tube with an internal surface enhancement of integral ridging. Normally, it is supplied in a 10 starts configuration. But with special request, it can also be supplied with other numbers of starts. The heat transfer... [See More]

  • Application: General Chemical; Oil/Fuel; Refrigeration
  • Design Units: English
  • Material: Copper; C12000, C12200, C70600
  • Outside Diameter: 0.750