Drying Powder and Solids Blenders Datasheets

Single Pot Processors/Vacuum Dryers
from Buflovak LLC

PK Solids Processors are configured with heating and vacuum packages that offer the ability to process complex formulations through a processing scheme.  The process may begin with a dry mixing step, followed by wet granulation, vacuum drying and lubrication.  Containment and control are satisfied... [See More]

  • Additional Capabilities: Drying; Granulating
  • Style: Tumblers / Drum
  • Operating Environment: Industrial
Phlauer™ High Performance AJSP -- Lab Mixer
from A & J Mixing International Inc.

Blending of powders, granules, fibers, flakes, & pellets, 99.8% efficiency [See More]

  • Additional Capabilities: Coating; Drying; Granulating; Add High Shear
  • Operating System: Batch; Continuous / In-Line (optional feature)
  • Operating Environment: Laboratory
  • Capacity (volumetric): 0.3531
Double Planetary Mixer -- DPM 1 Gal
from Charles Ross and Son Company

MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION: Stainless Steel type 304 wetted parts. polished to an 80 grit finish. All nonstainless. steel exterior surfaces are coated. with a high quality two-component paint. CHANGE CAN DESIGN: Change can design for use with multiple. mix cans and Discharge Systems. RAISE/LOWER:... [See More]

  • Additional Capabilities: Drying (optional feature); Solvent Recovery
  • Operating System: Batch
  • Operating Environment: Laboratory
  • Capacity (volumetric): 0.0167 to 0.1170
BS-miniDRY® Lab Dryer and Mixer -- DKL015
from Heinkel USA

DKL015. BS-miniDRY ® Pilot Plant. Small - Modular - Mobile - Flexible. During product development, it may happen that only a few grammes of a new substance are available to the research and development division. Even the one-kilogramme laboratory systems available on the market are too large for... [See More]

  • Additional Capabilities: Drying; Granulating; Moistening, Homogenizing
  • Operating System: Batch
  • Operating Environment: Laboratory
  • Capacity (volumetric): 0.0053 to 0.0530
Cyclomix Fast Mixer -- 150 Liter
from Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems

The Cyclomix is a revolutionary new high speed intensive mixer that applies high shear and impact forces to materials resulting in the efficient mixing of many powders, pastes and liquids with different characteristics. The mixing vessel is conical shaped and has a center rotor which rotates at a... [See More]

  • Additional Capabilities: Coating; Drying; Granulating
  • Operating System: Batch
  • Operating Environment: Industrial
  • Capacity (volumetric): 5.3