Printer / Plotter Interface Transformer Test Equipment Datasheets

Turns Ratio Test Set -- TTR™100
from Megger

The latest TTR available from Megger is the TTR100, a handheld, robust, lightweight and battery operated instrument. This TTR will complement several existing Megger transformer test products and will offer switchable functions, such as winding resistance and polarity. It is the only instrument in... [See More]

  • Features: Battery Powered; Integrated Data Logger; Fully Automated; Graphic Results; Printer / Plotter Interface
  • Form Factor: Hand-Held
  • Phase: SIngle Phase; Three Phase
  • Test Parameters: Excitation Current; Impedance Phase Angle; Turn Ratio; Winding Polarity
Inductance Analyzer -- 3255B
from Wayne Kerr Electronics

3255B and 3255BQ are highly versatile and accurate inductance analyzers able to characterise devices in a clear and simple manner. The three models in the range are the 3255BL (200kHz), 3255B (500 kHz) and the 3255BQ (1 MHz). At the design stage of component development it is very important to... [See More]

  • Features: Printer / Plotter Interface
  • Form Factor: Stand Alone / Bench
  • Phase: SIngle Phase
  • Test Parameters: Inductance