Polysulfone (PSU) Filter Elements Datasheets

Hil-Flo Filter Product -- 01-HMF-0150-2002
from Hilliard Corporation (The)

HILCO's Hil-Flo 01HMF-0150 Series filter vessels permit full-flow or off-line filtration of fluids at working pressures to 100 PSI and flow rates to 25 GPM. Effectively filters hydrocarbon oils, synthetic lubricants and solvents used as fuel, lube, seal, hydraulic, heat transfer and insulating oils. [See More]

  • Filter Medium Material: Bonded Carbon (optional feature); DE (optional feature); Cellulose (optional feature); Ceramic (optional feature); Cotton (optional feature); Glass Fiber (optional feature); Ion Exchange (optional feature); Metal Fiber (optional feature); Mineral / Sand (optional feature); Nylon (optional feature); Paper (optional feature); Polyethersulfone (optional feature); Polyester (optional feature); Polypropylene (optional feature); PTFE; PVDF (optional feature); Polyvinylidene Chloride (optional feature); Polysulfone (optional feature); Synthetic Fiber (optional feature); Activated Alumina
  • Flow: Full Flow
  • Configuration: Off-line
  • Filtration Grade: 0.50 to 10.00
FiberFlo Hollow Fiber Filter Capsules
from Mar Cor Purification

The unique membrane structure of FiberFlo HF Filters provides consistent and verifiable pyrogen removal that surpasses traditional, absolute-rated membrane filters. High-level endotoxin, bacteria, and spore removal make these point-of-use filters ideal for a variety of water purification or process... [See More]

  • Filter Medium Material: Polypropylene (optional feature); Polysulfone (optional feature)
  • Filtration Grade: 0.03 to 0.45
  • Range: Ultra Filtration; Micro Filtration
  • Application / Industry: Biopharmaceutical; Food or Beverage Processing; Medical; Semiconductor; Industrial
Coreless Filter Elements
from Pall Corporation

Large diameter cartridge utilizing low differential pressure media [See More]

  • Filter Medium Material: Nylon; Polypropylene; Polysulfone
  • Application / Industry: Food or Beverage Processing; Waste Water; Fuels and Chemical
  • Type: Cartridge; WireMesh
  • Filtration Product: Chemical
EA Series Vent Filter Cartridges
from Siemens Water Technologies

The EA series is composed of a pleated hydrophobic, highly asymmetric membrane rated at 0.2 µm absolute for sterile air filtration and storage tank venting applications. [See More]

  • Filter Medium Material: Polypropylene; Polysulfone
  • Filtration Grade: 0.02
  • Range: Ultra Filtration
  • Element Size: 2.6" D & 10" - 30" L
Whatman Mini-UniPrep Syringeless Filter Amber Polyethers… -- UN203APEPES
from Small Parts, Inc.

Whatman Mini-UniPrep Syringeless Filter Amber Polyethersulphone 0.2 µm (Pack of 100). The Mini-UniPrep syringeless filter provides a faster, easier way to remove particulates from samples being prepared for high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)/ultra high performance liquid... [See More]

  • Filter Medium Material: Polysulfone
  • Configuration: In-line