Synthetic Fiber Filter Elements Datasheets

Low Pressure Spin-On Filter Element -- P561183 [P561183 from Donaldson - Compressed Air & Gas Filtration Division]
from Applied Industrial Technologies

Low Pressure Hydraulic Spin-On Filter for Series SP50/60 (LPS05) &SP80/90 & SP100/120; Water Absorbing Media; Buna-N Seal; StandardDesign; 10.7" Long [See More]

  • Filter Medium Material: Synthetic Fiber
  • Filtration Grade: 10.00 to 32.00
  • Range: Micro Filtration
  • Maximum Pressure: 100
High Flow PH Filter Cartridge -- PH312-01
from Hilliard Corporation (The)

These durable cartridges stand up to continued use without softening and deterioration as a result of exposure to water. The key is an advanced synthetic media that provides maximum filtration with minimum pressure drop. Applications: Engine and turbine lube, compressor lube and seal oil, cooling... [See More]

  • Filter Medium Material: Synthetic Fiber
  • Configuration: In-line
  • Type: Cartridge
  • Range: Micro Filtration
Downspout Filter -- FLT519
from New Pig Corporation

Oil-absorbent media removes oil, grease and hydrocarbons from waterflow while letting clean water pass through. Built-in overflow port keeps unit from overflowing during heavy rain. Quick-latch band makes filter media quick and easy to replace. Polyethylene and PVC housing is made for constant use... [See More]

  • Filter Medium Material: Synthetic Fiber
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 30.0
Pleated Filter Cartridge for Full-Flow (B-B) Filter Housings -- PWPL10BB
from Watts

Pleated filter cartridges outperform wound, spun, melt blown, resin bonded, and other "depth" type filter elements because of our high surface area. Lower pressure drop is another significant advantage. Using pleated cartridges allows for increased flow rates and the use of smaller filter housings... [See More]

  • Filter Medium Material: Synthetic Fiber
  • Filtration Grade: 1.00 to 50.00
  • Type: Cartridge
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 50.0 to 150.0
Filter Elements
from Bosch Rexroth Corporation

For all fields of applications. Types: Fiber glass, filter paper, wire mesh, non-woven and metal fiber. Achievable oil purity up to ISO 12/8/3 (ISO 4406). Filtration quotient ß x = 1000. Cleanable filter material. Superior contamination retention due to two-layer glass fiber technology [See More]

  • Filter Medium Material: Paper; Polyester; Synthetic Fiber
  • Filtration Product: HydraulicFluid; Lubricants
2300 Series -- 2300AJ
from Clark-Reliance Corporation (The)

Clark-Reliance synthetic filter cartridges provide uniform particle removal while optimizing the chemical & mechanical compatibility required for industrial applications. Clark Reliance provides a variety of filtration medias to meet difficult applications ranging from chemical processing to... [See More]

  • Filter Medium Material: Synthetic Fiber
  • Range: Micro Filtration
  • Type: Cartridge
  • Filtration Grade: 3.00
Air Filtration - TS1000 Coalescer
from GE ENERGY Air Filtration

The TS1000 delivers good all round coalescing performance with low pressure drop, low maintenance and very long service life. Constructed with 100% synthetic high performance woven mesh, GE ’s TS1000 coalescer is designed to operate in the harshest conditions such as coastal desert environment... [See More]

  • Filter Medium Material: Synthetic Fiber
  • Filtration Product: Moisture
  • Type: WireMesh
Marvelbo-R -- 851161-****629206
from Marvel Engineering Co.

Micron range 3-914, options of epoxy sealed cover [See More]

  • Filter Medium Material: Metal Fiber (optional feature); Paper (optional feature); Synthetic Fiber
  • Filtration Grade: 3.00 to 914.00
  • Type: WireMesh
  • Maximum Pressure: 250
Liquid Filter Bag -- Model 44-12
from Pentair Industrial

Economical filtration for a wide array of applications. Highly controlled manufacturing procedures ensure consistent quality and no contamination. The unique bag designs provide added strength and avoid risk of bypass. Our filter bags will fit all industry-standard bag housings. [See More]

  • Filter Medium Material: Nylon (optional feature); Polyester (optional feature); Polypropylene (optional feature); Synthetic Fiber (optional feature); Felt
  • Range: Micro Filtration
  • Type: Bag
  • Filtration Grade: 1.00 to 1500.00
1 Case Of 2.5" x 40" 20 Micron Harmsco 701 Free Filter Cartridge -- 546-701-20/40-HF
from US Water Systems, Inc.

Features: 100% Synthetic Composite media suitable for use in bottling and food prep locations. Engineered for high efficiency, low pressure drops. Pleated filter media provides higher flow rates and lower initial pressure drop. Pleated filters offer more surface area providing higher loading... [See More]

  • Filter Medium Material: Synthetic Fiber
  • Range: Micro Filtration
  • Type: Cartridge
  • Filtration Grade: 20.00

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