Silver Plating IC Pin Probes Datasheets

TP Series -- TP-107
from Components Corporation

TP-107 surface mount test points are available in two formats: bulk packaged andtape-and-reel configuration. The taped version is fully compatible with ANSI/EIA-481 standards. To insure a smooth flow to the solder pad, the TP-107 test point isplated with .0001 minimum matte tin finish over .0001... [See More]

  • Contact Plating: Nickel; Silver; Matte Tin Finish
  • RoHS Compliant: RoHS Compliant
ICT Probe -- Series ICT Size 50C Probe
from Interconnect Devices, Inc.

The industry’s first “centered” probe design for the best pointing accuracy [See More]

  • Contact Plating: Gold (optional feature); Nickel (optional feature); Silver (optional feature)
  • Current Rating: 3
  • Contact Type: Spring Loaded
  • Contact Resistance: 20