UL Resistors Datasheets

UL Approved High Power, Wire Wound, Metal Clad Resistors -- ULF
from Isabellenhutte USA

UL approved high power, wire wound, metal clad resistors. For use in VFD's, Inverters, Load Banks. Features. UL Approved. Wattage Range 50W to 500W. Resistance range 1 Ω to 3500 Ω. Low inductance. Low profile design [See More]

  • Standards and Certifications: UL
  • Category / Application: Power Applications
  • Configuration: Single Resistor
  • Technology / Construction: Wirewound
Aluminum Cased Resistor -- BA Series
from Ohmite Manufacturing Co.

High Power Aluminum Cased Wirewound. Multiple Wattages up to 1KW. Scalable, Custom Lengths Available. Custom Terminations. Thermal Cutoff Available. Heatsinkable Chassis Mountable [See More]

  • Standards and Certifications: RoHS; UL
  • Category / Application: Dynamic Braking, Motor Starting, Power Control
  • Configuration: Single Resistor
  • Mounting / Packaging: Radial Leads
RCFF Series
from Trigon Components, Inc.

SERIES. RCFF. DESCRIPTION. Carbon Film, Flame Proof. RESISTANCE RANGE. 1 ohm to 10 Mohm. POWER RATING. 1/4W to 2W. OPERATING TEMPERATURE. -55 to +155 Deg C. PACKAGE. Axial. Feature. •Low Cost, Prompt Delivery. •High Power-to-Size Ratio for Significant Space Saving. •Flameproof... [See More]

  • Standards and Certifications: UL; JIS
  • Category / Application: General Use
  • Configuration: Single Resistor
  • Technology / Construction: CarbonFilm