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Ceramic Thick-Film Substrate -- ADOS-90R
from CoorsTek

Transportation. CoorsTek offers a line of special ceramics that take advantage of higher dielectric properties, such as GPS and microwave applications. These applications are becoming more extensively used in the transportation industry for location and guidance systems. Through CoorsTek, California... [See More]

  • Materials: Ceramic
Skived PTFE Film -- DW 2000
from DeWAL Industries, Inc.

D/W 2000 is a skived PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) film held to close tolerance on width and thickness. D/W 2000 conforms to ASTM D 3308 Type II as well as to SAE AMS 3662C. [See More]

  • Materials: Fluoropolymer (Teflon); Plastic / Polymer; PTFE
  • Width: 12 to 48
  • Thickness: 5.00E-4 to 0.0200
  • Temperature Resistance: 260
Circuit Board Materials
from LG Chemical of America Inc.

LG Chem has exceptional competitive edge in materials used in PCBs (printed circuit boards), including CCL, 2CCL, and DFSR. We started the mass production of 2CCL in 2005 which is applied to major IT devices. Our CCL business is growing round high value-added products for IC packages. [See More]

  • Materials: Copper Foil; Metal Foil; Copper Clad Laminates
Sensitised Printed Circuit Boards -- 13-1001
from Vero Technologies, Ltd.

Product Description. The supplied fotoboard is a positive working,comprising of Photoresist coated, glass fibre printed circuit laminate to BS4584 and MILSPEC MIL-P-13949GE GRN. The resist is applied 5 microns thick using a specially developed roller coating process which ensures a particularly even... [See More]

  • Materials: Fiberglass / Glass; FR4 Composite
  • Length: 0.5249
  • Width: 3.94