Pressure Sensitive (PSA) Safety and Reflective Tapes Datasheets

Hazard Stripe Tape -- 350
from Can-Do National Tape

Hazard stripe tapes are used for marking floors, handrails, steps, hazardous areas, and for color-coding, bundling, and identification. These PVC tapes may have a glossy overlaminate for appearance and protective purposes. They are abrasion resistant and resistant to acids, alkalines, and oils. [See More]

  • Adhesive: Single; Acrylic; Pressure Sensitive
  • Thickness: 0.0051 to 0.0055
  • Type: Reflective or Flagging Safety Tape; Industrial Tape
  • Carrier / Backing: Polyvinyl Chloride
Safety Vinyl Tape -- 3M™ Safety Stripe Tape 5700
from 3M Fire Protection

Used to identify and mark traffic areas and physical hazards [See More]

  • Adhesive: Single; Pressure Sensitive; Rubber
  • Width: 2 to 3
  • Type: Reflective or Flagging Safety Tape; Industrial Tape
  • Thickness: 0.0055
Reflective Tapes -- R100 High Intensity Grade Reflective Tape
from NADCO Tapes & Labels, Inc.

Description: High Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting is a high-quality, durable micro-prismatic retro reflective material. Its unique prismatic construction provides an extra high level of reflectivity for demanding traffic control situations. Meets applicable requirements for high intensity grade... [See More]

  • Adhesive: Single; Pressure Sensitive
  • Thickness: 0.0170 to 0.0180
  • Type: Reflective; Industrial Tape
  • Temperature Resistance: -40 to 82