Plastic / Polymer Foam Bonding Tapes Datasheets

3M™ Double Coated Polyethylene Foam Tape 4451 -- 4451
from 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes

A polyethylene, conformable, double-coated, closed-cell foam tape. Conformable. Bonds to irregular surfaces. Removable. Bonds surfaces and provides handling convenience. Initial repositionability. [See More]

  • Carrier / Backing: Foam; Plastic / Polymer; Polyethylene
  • Adhesive: Rubber; Synthetic Rubber
  • Type: Double- Sided
  • Width: 1
Polyken SIngle-Coated Foam Electrode Tape -- 2108K
from Berry Plastics Corporation - Engineered Materials Division

Liner Side Adhesive. 0n-irritating medical grade acrylic adhesive. Common Applications. Electrodes. Medical Device Mounting. Medical-Foam. Transdermal Patches [See More]

  • Carrier / Backing: Foam; Plastic / Polymer; Silicone
  • Adhesive: Acrylic
  • Type: Single
  • Peel: 6.88
INTEGRAL™ Adhesive Film -- 933
from Dow Automotive Systems

INTEGRAL 933 adhesive film has a low melting, high flow adhesive layer that is useful for bonding to substrates such as polyurethane or polyethylene foam, or to nonwoven textiles. It has relatively high tear resistance and provides moisture protection. [See More]

  • Carrier / Backing: Plastic / Polymer
  • Width: 20 to 75
  • Adhesive: Hot Melt, Heat Bond, or Thermally Activated; Pressure Sensitive
  • Thickness: 1.00E-3 to 0.0040
10" X 50' Orange -- 3UB61
from Grainger Industrial Supply

10" X 50' Orange Powermark Polyester Tapes [See More]

  • Carrier / Backing: Polyester; Plastic / Polymer
  • Thickness: 0.0030
  • Width: 10
  • Temperature Resistance: -40 to ?
3M(TM) Double Coated Vinyl Foam Tape 4408 Black, 3/4 in x 36 yd 1/8 in, 12 per case Bulk -- 021200-67504
from R. S. Hughes Company, Inc.

3M(TM) Double Coated Vinyl Foam Tape 4408 Black, 3/4 in x 36 yd 1/8 in, 12 per case Bulk. Good cushion, conformable, flexible, weather resistant with internal foam strength. Use for mounting indoor signs, nameplates and wall corner protectors to irregular surfaces. Mount trim panels in trailers. [See More]

  • Carrier / Backing: Acrylic / Acrylate; Foam; Plastic / Polymer
  • Color: Black
  • Width: 0.7500
70113906 [4941 3/4" from 3M Electronics and Energy Business]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

Acrylic Foam Bonding Tape, 0.045 in. Thickness. 3M VHB ™ tapes utilize high performance adhesives, which have excellent long-term holding power. High strength VHB tapes are used throughout the industry to replace mechanical fastening for permanent assembly in many applications. In many... [See More]

  • Carrier / Backing: Acrylic / Acrylate; Plastic / Polymer
  • Temperature Resistance: -35
  • Thickness: 0.0450
  • Color: Gray
1760687 [PPC117 from Farnell Europe]
from Farnell Europe


  • Carrier / Backing: Plastic / Polymer; Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Width: 0.4724
Double Coated Adhesive -- NF1701 [NF1701 from Nova Films & Foils, Inc.]
from GLT Products (Great Lakes Textiles, Inc.)

High tack, general purpose, felt bonding, foam bonding [See More]

  • Carrier / Backing: Polyester; Plastic / Polymer
  • Adhesive: Acrylic
  • Type: Double- Sided
  • Thickness: 0.0035
FluoroGrip® -- FluoroGrip®-E
from Integument Technologies, Inc.

Outstanding performance over a wide temperature range, low surface energy [See More]

  • Carrier / Backing: Fluoropolymer (Teflon); Plastic / Polymer
  • Adhesive: Acrylic (optional feature); Pressure Sensitive; Silicone (optional feature)
  • Type: Single (optional feature); Double- Sided (optional feature)
  • Width: 6 to 52