Advanced Ceramic Materials -- AD-90
from CoorsTek

Trade Name. AD-90. Composition. Nominal 90 % Al ₂O ₃. Color. White [See More]

  • Performance Features: Composite
  • Composition: Nominal 90% Al2O3
  • Alumina / Aluminate Type: Alumina; Alumina-Zirconia
  • Shape / Form: Custom Shape; Plate / Board; Roller / Roll; Hollow Stock (Tube, Pipe, Column)
ALTRA® Composite Systems
from Rath Incorporated

The ALTRA ® Composite System (ACS) is an engineered insulation system that eliminates the traditional problems of excessive shrinkage, stress cracking, and roof sagging that often cause failure of high temperature ceramic fiberboard insulation in furnaces and kilns. The ACS design can be used... [See More]

  • Performance Features: Composite
  • Shape / Form: Custom Shape; Plate / Board
  • Alumina / Aluminate Type: Alumina
  • Max Use Temperature: 1600 to 1800
Refractory Sheet Type RS-100 -- BS01
from ZIRCAR Refractory Composites, Inc.

ZIRCAR Refractory Sheet Type RS-100 is a ceramic fiber reinforced structural alumina composite material with useful properties to 1260°C (2300°F). It has exceptional flexural and compressive strengths in the range of high temperature reinforced plastics such as G-7 and G-10 laminates and retains... [See More]

  • Performance Features: Composite
  • Composition: Al_2O_3 , SiO_2 , Other Metal Oxides
  • Alumina / Aluminate Type: Alumina
  • Shape / Form: Custom Shape (optional feature); Plate / Board