Acid Brush Hand Brushes Datasheets

Brush ESD Double End 1/4"-1/2" -- 1005HH [1005HH from Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc.]
from All-Spec Industries

" All materials for these high quality brushes are manufactured for detail cleaning, such as printed circuit boards and SMT assemblies, or for use as fluid applicators." [See More]

  • Brush Type / Shape: End Brush; Acid Brush; Other Type / Shape; Applicator Brush
  • Outer / OD: 0.2500 to 0.5000
  • Brush Filament / Fill Material: Natural Bristle / Hair; Horse Hair
  • Length: 4.5
225, 1/2 Inch Acid Swab, Tin Handle -- 10065
from Maryland Brush Company, Inc.

No. 815 Water/Gasoline Cleaning Tool. Made from 100% black patent fiber, this long round sash tool is designed for cleaning with heavy agents. Long foam handle allows cleaning in hard-to-reach places. Seamless steel ferrule. No. 225 Acid Swab Tool. Our acid brushes are manufactured with Electrolytic... [See More]

  • Brush Type / Shape: Acid Brush
  • Outer / OD: 0.5000
  • Brush Filament / Fill Material: Natural Bristle / Hair
  • Trim Length: 0.8125