Anti-static Wire Brushes Datasheets

Brush ESD-Safe, Brass/Plywood -- 15B-003 [15B-003 from Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc.]
from All-Spec Industries

" All materials for these high quality brushes are manufactured for detail cleaning, such as printed circuit boards and SMT assemblies, or for use as fluid applicators. " [See More]

  • Features: Manually Laced or Drawn; Antistatic
  • Brush Filament / Fill Material: Brass / Bronze; Metal Wire; .003 Brass
  • Brush Type / Shape: Scratch / Toothbrush
  • Applications: Cleanroom or Critical Cleaning; Cleaning and Surface Conditioning
Metal Brush -- Section A
from Sealeze

Sealeze metal filament brushes are ideal for applications requiring abrasion, electrical conductivity, chemical shielding, electro-magnetic shielding, environments with elevated temperatures or applications where synthetic or natural fiber brushes are not appropriate. Sealeze Metal Filament brushes... [See More]

  • Features: Electrically Conductive / Anti-Static; Antistatic
  • Brush Filament / Fill Material: Steel (optional feature); Brass / Bronze (optional feature); Metal Wire; Phosphor Bronze
  • Brush Type / Shape: End Brush; Straight Brush
  • Applications: Abrasion, Electrical Conductivity