Double Conveyor Sprockets Datasheets

Hinge Top Conveyor Chain Sprocket -- S815A13
from Linn Gear Co.

Flame cut steel sprockets for nine different sizes of chains are stocked. Other sizes or odd shapes are available utilizing our CAD, CAM and CNC systems. [See More]

  • # of Strands: Single; Double (optional feature)
  • Pitch: 1.5
  • Number of Teeth: 13
  • Bore: 0.7500 to 1.5
Silent Chain Sprocket RPV Series -- RPV303-19
from Ramsey Products Corporation

Stock and Made to Order. Ramsey offers a full range of stock and made to order sprockets in pitches ranging from 3/16 ” pitch to 2 1/4 ” pitch. Stock sprockets are available with minimum plain bores or taper lock bushings. For an additional charge they can be machined with a finished... [See More]

  • # of Strands: Double
  • Pitch: 0.3750
  • Number of Teeth: 19
  • Bore: 0.5000 to 1.16