Triton LPA/Primer
from Triton Systems

Triton LPA/Primer is a ready to use emulsion that can be used as a surface primer for Triton Repair Mortar, Triton Floor Levelling Compound, Triton TT Vapour Membrane and Triton RC. Available in 5 litre packs. [See More]

  • Location / Orientation: Wall; Floor; Roof
  • Substrate: Concrete
  • Type: Primer
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Film Drying
Chempruf 120
from Atlas Minerals and Chemicals, Inc.

Suitable for immersion [See More]

  • Location / Orientation: Wall; Floor
  • Chemistry: Resin; Epoxy
  • Type: Primer
  • Substrate: Concrete; Steel
Tinted Primer
from BASF USA Corporation

100% acrylic-based primer, reduces suction by cementitious substrates [See More]

  • Location / Orientation: Wall
  • Chemistry: Acrylic; Resin
  • Type: Primer
  • Substrate: Concrete
Moist Metal Grip
from Midwesco Filter Resources, Inc.

Moist Metal Grip is designed for application on dry or wet surfaces for protection against corrosion and chemicals in a two-part epoxy coating. It is a water repelling epoxy for use under water or in areas where constant splashing or condensation is a problem. Moist Metal Grip contains specific... [See More]

  • Location / Orientation: Wall; Tank Lining; Ceiling
  • Chemistry: Resin; Epoxy
  • Type: Primer (optional feature)
  • Substrate: Concrete; Wood; Other; Rusted Surfaces; Metallic
VEPrime Vinyl Ester Primer -- No. 550
from Sauereisen, Inc.

Sauereisen VEPrime No. 550 is a vinyl ester primer to be used in conjunction with Sauereisen vinyl ester systems. The function of No. 550 is to promote a tenacious bond of Sauereisen vinyl ester topcoats to concrete and steel substrates. VEPrime is a packaged, pre-measured unit for use with the... [See More]

  • Location / Orientation: Wall
  • Chemistry: Resin; Vinyl
  • Type: Primer
  • Substrate: Concrete; Metallic
Architects Exterior Paint & Coatings
from Sherwin-Williams

Paint & Coatings. A wide variety of coatings for residential or commercial use offer top quality performance. Primers. Exterior primers assure superior hiding, topcoat appearance and long-lasting results. Commercial High-Performance Coatings. A comprehensive line-up of high-performance coatings... [See More]

  • Location / Orientation: Wall; Ceiling; Floor
  • Chemistry: Acrylic; Alkyd; Resin
  • Type: Primer; Paint
  • Substrate: Concrete; Wood; Plastic; Metallic
Man O'War Stains
from Valspar Corporation (The)

The strongest name in clear protection is McCloskey ® Man O'War ® Spar Marine Varnish. Use on interior and exterior wood surfaces to protect and beautify for years to come! Don't trust anything other than the best - Man O'War!. Features: Superior Durability. Maximum U.V. Protection. Water... [See More]

  • Location / Orientation: Wall; Ceiling
  • Chemistry: Acrylic; Alkyd; Resin
  • Type: Primer; Paint
  • Substrate: Wood; Plastic; Metallic