Power Weld Monitors and Controllers Datasheets

PTA PHE Hardfacing Coatings, Control Board
from Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions

The PTA - PHE control board is integrated in to a compact and independent cabinet that can be located closed to the welding area . The PTA - PHE board controls : power rectifier, powder feeder, PTA - PHE torch, gas unit, water cooling conditions... PTA - PHE : Description. SIEMENS OP industrial... [See More]

  • Parameters Monitored: Power; Gas Supply, Argon Flow
  • Control Capability: Current or power control
AC Resistance Weld Control -- PM6
from Miyachi Unitek Corporation

The value-priced, microprocessor controlled Phasemaster 6 features a simple digital display and the ability to save up to 8 unique weld schedules, 7 of which may be protected from unauthorized or inadvertent changes by Miyachi Unitek ’s schedule protection feature. The final unprotected... [See More]

  • Parameters Monitored: Current; Power; Valve Driver Outputs
  • Control Capability: Line Voltage
Inverter Resistance Welding Control -- L Series
from WeldComputer Corporation

WeldComputer Corporation ’s L-Series Inverter Resistance Welding Control provides precise heat control with superior regulation for all mid-frequency DC, single phase and three phase resistance welding applications. The system includes the following standard features: A programmable weld... [See More]

  • Parameters Monitored: Current; Displacement or weld size monitoring; Voltage; Power; Resistance or conductance; Force and pressure
  • Outputs: 8 output modules
  • Number of Channels: 8
  • Control Capability: Current or power control