Voltage Weld Monitors and Controllers Datasheets

AC Weld Control - STA Series -- STA-100A
from Miyachi Unitek Corporation

The STA-Series are the most advanced, yet simplest welding controls on the market. The range spans from the single contactor STA-100A to the STA-800A with space for up to eight contactors that can be cascaded from a single control. The STA Series features an intuitive, easy-to-use programming... [See More]

  • Parameters Monitored: Current; Voltage (optional feature); Degree Monitor 0 to 180°
  • Control Capability: Current or power control
Inverter Type Resistance Welder -- NRW-IN4200/NT-IN4400
from SOLTEC - an NEC Group Company

Inverter Type: Inverter Type Welding Power Supplies offer fast response to changes during the welding process due to Real-Time feedback control. The resultant, highly stabilized Power Supply optimizes Inverter Type Resistance Welders for use in Precision Welding of Electronic Parts. Product... [See More]

  • Parameters Monitored: Current; Voltage; Power; Resistance or conductance
  • Control Capability: Current or power control