ZSS Tunable Diode Laser Analyzer - TDLAS
from Fuji Electric Corp. of America

Fuji Electric ’s Combustion Efficiency & Cross Stack Laser Analyzers provides zirconia oxygen analysis that is used in a wide range of combustion flue gas optimization applications - from power generation, medium to large boilers and furnaces, pulp and paper, incinerators, and steel... [See More]

  • Gas Types: HCl (optional feature) (10-5000 ppm); Methane (CH4) / Natural Gas (optional feature) (100 ppm to 50 vol%); O2 (optional feature) (4-100 vol%); NH3 (optional feature) (15-5000 ppm); CO2 (optional feature) (2-50 vol%); CO (optional feature) (2-50 vol%)
  • Analyzer Technology: Infrared
  • Mounting Type: Fixed
  • Number of Gases Monitored: Single
CM4 Toxic Gas Detector
from Honeywell Analytics, Inc.

Continuous monitoring of toxic gases on 4 points, using Chemcassette ®. This CM4 unit represents the latest in interference free, low maintenance, low cost of ownership solutions for the semiconductor, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Its low profile 1/4" tubing minimises intrusion into... [See More]

  • Gas Types: HCl (0.5-15 PPM / 80-8000 PPB); HCN (0.5-50 PPM); HF (0.3-30 PPM); H2Se (6-500 PPB); H2S (0.5-100 PPM / 8-2000 PPB); NO2 (0.3-30 PPM); PH3 (5-3000 PPB); SiH4 (0.5-50 PPB) (Many others. NF3 with Pyrolyzer.); NH3 (3-75 PPM); AsH3 (5-500 PPB); Cl2 (0.05-5 PPM / 7-2000 PPB); ClO2 (30-1000 PPB); B2H6 (15-1000 PPB); F (0.6-10 PPM); GeH4 (100-2000 PPB)
  • Analyzer Technology: Chemcassette. Pyrolyzer option.
  • Mounting Type: Fixed
  • Number of Gases Monitored: Multi
MultiGard Gas Sampling System
from MSA - The Safety Company

The MultiGard Gas Sampling System is an efficient, cost effective method of gas detection. [See More]

  • Gas Types: Hydrocarbons; H2; HCl; HF; H2S; Methane (CH4) / Natural Gas; NO; NO2; NxOx; O2; PH3; SiH4; SO2; SF6; NH3; AsH3; Br2; CO2; CO; Cl2; ClO2; B2H6; F; GeH4; Refrigerants
  • Analyzer Technology: Catalytic; Electrochemical; Infrared
  • Mounting Type: Fixed
  • Number of Gases Monitored: Multi
Binary Gas Analyzer -- Model 20-600
from GOW-MAC Instrument Co.

Quantitative analysis of binary gas mixes & atmosphere control applications [See More]

  • Gas Types: Hydrocarbons (0 - 100%); H2 (0 - 100%); HCl (0 - 100%); O2 (0 - 100%); NH3 (0 - 100%); CO2 (0 - 100%); Refrigerants
  • Analyzer Technology: Thermal Conductivity Detector
  • Mounting Type: Handheld; Portable
  • Number of Gases Monitored: Multi
UltraCEM™ -- Outdoor Field Mount Version
from Goyen/Tyco Environmental Systems

Universal power supply 85-125VAC, remote digital display [See More]

  • Gas Types: Hydrocarbons; H2; HCl; H2S; Hg; NO (0 - 5ppm); NO2; NxOx; O2 (0 - 1ppm); SO2 (0 - 25ppm); NH3; CO2 (0 - 5ppm); CO (0 - 10ppm); Cl2
  • Analyzer Technology: Flame Ionization Detector; Infrared; Paramagnetic, Chemiluminescent, NDIR, UV
  • Mounting Type: Fixed
  • Number of Gases Monitored: Single; Multi
Cosmos® Fixed Gas Detectors -- GM Series
from Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc.

Central control unit, sensors, detector heads, HMI opt., customized [See More]

  • Gas Types: Hydrocarbons (optional feature); H2 (optional feature) (100-100ppm, LEL 100%Vol); HCl (optional feature) (5-25ppm); HCN (optional feature) (25-100ppm); HF (optional feature) (10ppm); H2Se (optional feature) (.25ppm); H2S (optional feature) (50 LEL); NO (optional feature) (10-100ppm); NO2 (optional feature) (10ppm); O2 (optional feature) (10-50%Vol); O3 (optional feature) (1ppm); PH3 (optional feature) (1ppm); SiH4 (optional feature) (5-25ppm); SO2 (optional feature) (25ppm); NH3 (optional feature) (100ppm); AsH3 (optional feature) (.25ppm); Br2 (optional feature) (20ppm); CO2 (optional feature) (2500-5000ppm, 1-100%Vol); CO (optional feature) (100-1000LEL); Cl2 (optional feature) (5ppm); ClO2 (optional feature) (10ppm); B2H6 (optional feature) (.5ppm); F (optional feature) (5ppm); GeH4 (optional feature) (1ppm); Refrigerants (optional feature)
  • Analyzer Technology: Catalytic (optional feature); Electrochemical (optional feature); PID (optional feature); Thermal Conductivity, HotWire
  • Mounting Type: Fixed
  • Number of Gases Monitored: Multi
Process Gas Chromatograph -- GC8000
from Yokogawa Corporation of America

The GC8000 Process Gas Chromatograph is the ideal solution for continuous analytical monitoring of HPI processes. General specifications. Measurable object. Gas or volatile liquid (400 ℃ or lower boiling point). Analysis Method. Gas Chromatography. Detector. TCD. FID (flame ionization... [See More]

  • Gas Types: Hydrocarbons; H2; HCl; HCN; H2S; Methane (CH4) / Natural Gas; O2; SO2 (0); NH3; CO2; CO
  • Analyzer Technology: Flame Ionization Detector; Thermal conductivity, Flame photometeric
  • Mounting Type: Fixed
  • Number of Gases Monitored: Single; Multi