Water Vapor Combustion Analyzers Datasheets

Industrial Gas Analyzer -- CT5200
from Emerson Process Management, Rosemount

The Cascade Technologies CT5200 Industrial Gas Analyzer uses a hybrid multi-component system of both Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL) and Tunable Diode Lasers (TDL). Its interchangeable modular configuration accommodates up to 9 lasers, allowing for the detection of up to 20 gases in a variety of... [See More]

  • Gas Types: Hydrocarbons (0-200 ppm); HCl (0-2000 ppm); HF (0-50 ppm); H2S (0-50000 ppm); Methane (CH4) / Natural Gas (0-20000 ppm); NO (0-10000 ppm); NO2 (0-2000 ppm); NxOx (0-10000 ppm); O2 (0-100%); SO2 (0-4000 ppm); Water Vapor (0-40%) (Formaldehyde 0-100ppm, Hydrogen Peroxide 0-800ppm, Methanol 0-120 ppm, Nitromethane 0-120ppm); NH3 (0-4000 ppm); CO2 (0-30%); CO (0-20000 ppm)
  • Analyzer Technology: Infrared
  • Mounting Type: Fixed
  • Number of Gases Monitored: Multi
Compressed Breathing Air Analysis Kit -- 7015406
from Sensidyne, LP

The Sensidyne Compressed Breathing Air (CBA) Analysis Kit allows anyone to simply, quickly, and quantitatively measure all four of the common contaminants in breathing air, plus oxygen defeciency. [See More]

  • Gas Types: Hydrocarbons (optional feature) (0.3-5 mg/M3); O2 (optional feature) (2-24%Volume); Water Vapor (optional feature) (20-160 mg/M3); CO2 (optional feature) (100-3000ppm); CO (optional feature) (5-100ppm)
  • Number of Gases Monitored: Single
  • Mounting Type: Portable
  • Measurement Type: %Volume (optional feature); Trace (optional feature)