Batch Operation Industrial Homogenizers Datasheets

Cavitron Reactor System -- 1008
from ARDE Barinco, Inc.

Operating at up to 13,000 RPM, Cavitron rotor/stator mixers can produce as many as 500 million cavitational episodes per second. Cavitron reactor systems are based on kinematic high-frequency technology. Revolutionary process is remarkably efficient, enabling Cavitron systems to handle throughputs... [See More]

  • Operating Condition: Batch; Continuous / In-Line
  • Mounting: Stand; Overhead
  • Feed Rate (volumetric): 12 to 210
  • Mixer / Homogenizer Location: Top Entry
IKA T 65 D Ultra-Turrax Batch Process Homogenizer Kit; 230-400 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3 Ph -- GO-04737-30
from Cole-Parmer

bull; High-performance dispersing designed for typical pilot plant volumes. • Process volumes from 2 to 50 liters. • Plug-in connectors facilitate exchange of dispersing elements. With a digital speed display, the T 65 D homogenizer offers reproducible operations even with changes in... [See More]

  • Operating Condition: Batch
  • Motor Speed: 1000 to 9500
  • Capacity (volumetric): 1.77
Rollo-Mixer®, Mk 8 Batch Mixer
from Continental Products Corp.

The Rollo-Mixer ® Mk 8 batch mixer is a dry blender and an exciting new addition to Continental ’s line of rotary drum mixing technology. The Mk 8 batch mixer is designed for uniformly blending dry particulates within 2 to 3 minutes. Like all Rollo-Mixers, the Mk 8 batch mixer creates... [See More]

  • Operating Condition: Batch
  • Mounting: Floor Mounted
  • Media Type: Powder or Granular
  • Applications / Industry: Food, Specialty Products and High Purity Batch Mixing Applications
HED Series Single Stage Homogenizers
from IKA Works, Inc.

Single Stage homogenizers provide high throughput capabilities and superior mixing results. The IKA HED 2000 is excellent for de-agglomerating, dispersing, emulsifying, blending, disintegrating and homogenizing. [See More]

  • Operating Condition: Batch; Continuous / In-Line (optional feature)
  • Feed Rate (volumetric): 660 to 15850
  • Media Type: Liquids; Liquid with Suspended Solids
  • Mounting: Benchtop
APV Gaulin Mono-Block
from APV, An SPX Brand

Gaulin Liquid End. An integrated design of cylinders (3 or 5), pump valves, plunger lubrication and inlet/outlet in one block. Access to plunger packings and pump valves through front and top caps. Pressure range up to 600 bar / 8700 psi. Available with poppet or ball valves. Hygienic design. [See More]

  • Operating Condition: Batch
  • Operating Pressure: 8700
  • Mounting: Floor Mounted
  • Applications / Industry: Food or Beverage Processing
Vacuum Mixer Homogenizer -- MACEF 1000
from Charles Ross and Son Company

The Ross Turboemulsifier consists of a counter-rotating turbine and a high speed rotor/stator. The rotor stator head is positioned in the bottom center of the mix vessel to enable its use with very small volumes of material. During the mixing operation the outer turbine rotates clockwise and moves... [See More]

  • Operating Condition: Batch
  • Capacity (volumetric): 3 to 35.31
  • Media Type: Liquids
  • Mounting: Stand; Floor Mounted
Nail Homogenizer -- 099C E2000
from Glas-Col, LLC

The Nail Homogenizer is a hand-held attrition mill that easily pulverizes small nail samples for more reliable dermatological testing. When treated with 10% KOH, the micronized samples spread out rapidly and evenly beneath a cover slip, making study easier and more accurate. Pulverizing in the Nail... [See More]

  • Operating Condition: Batch
  • Mounting: Handheld
  • Media Type: Powder or Granular
  • Applications / Industry: Dermatological Testing
Flocell Inline Processor -- 4583
from Qsonica, LLC

4583. Flocell Inline Processor. Flocells offer inline or continuous processing of large sample volumes. Flocells are ideal for mixing, dispersing and cell lysis applications. The 4583 model is powered by the 1375 watt Sonicator and is capable of processing 20 liters per minute (degree of processing... [See More]

  • Operating Condition: Batch; Continuous / In-Line
  • Capacity (volumetric): 0.0141
  • Media Type: Liquids; Liquid with Suspended Solids; Powder or Granular
  • Feed Rate (volumetric): 317
Quadro Ytron® Powder Disperser -- Model ZC0
from Quadro Engineering Corp.

Higher product yield due to the intensive wetting of the powders [See More]

  • Operating Condition: Batch
  • Mounting: Portable
  • Media Type: Liquids; Liquid with Suspended Solids; Powder or Granular
  • Mixer / Homogenizer Location: In-Line